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Dresscode-Zero Key to Eden

: 01.04.2011
: Hairless
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgium)
Arató Beatrix (Arabea angels, Hungary)
  • .

  • I already have a lot of muscle :-)

  • My angel at 12 weeks, will miss you like crazy !
    ©An Callens

  • Natural born shower :)
    ©An Callens

  • Doris 10 weeks

  • My crazy girl 6 weeks
    ©Ilse Callens

  • 4 weeks and a natural stacker !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Eden, two weeks old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • ©Ilse Callens

Siblings (5)


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Dresscode-Zero Kinky Boots
Dresscode-Zero Knock Out
Dresscode-Zero Key to Eden
Dresscode-Zero Kamasutra

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