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AMCH  CANCH  LUXCH  SECH  CGNCurlious Cache is King

: 21.05.2011
: Black and White
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Kate Barnett (Curlious, Canada)
Natalie Finke (Finkes Hundar, Sweden)
  • 11 months
    ©Dean Dennis

  • 6 years old

  • 6 years old

  • 6 years old

  • 6 years old

  • ACCC Winter National Best in Sweeps
    ©Fritz Clark

  • First weekend in US, 2 majors and 9pts! 6mo old

  • Puppy fun match, 16wks
    ©K Barnett

  • 10wks
    ©K Barnett

  • 3wks old
    ©K Barnett

  • 2wks old
    ©K Barnett

  • 1 day old
    ©K Barnett

Siblings (9)


Curlious Dokkum To The Cloud
Curlious C Dos Run
Curlious Cache is King
Curlious Captcha If You Can


Curlious Kept Under Wraps
Curlious That's How I Roll
Curlious Calls The Tune
Curlious Time to Celebrate
Curlious Dressed To Kill

Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob: 02.02.2018  Dam: Krysolit Heart Breaker

Krysolit Keep Talking
Krysolit Kiss Me Quick
Krysolit Key To Love
Krysolit King Of Magic

dob: 10.12.2017  Dam: Arrow' Hope Sapphire Star

Oblivion Dirty Little Secret
Oblivion Double Tap
Oblivion Domergue
Oblivion Deez Nuts
Oblivion D'Oh Oh No
Oblivion D8
Oblivion Deadly Creature
Oblivion Donkey Punch

dob: 09.10.2017  Dam: Chien Feerique's Bellavallentina

Chien Feerique's Spirit of Life
Chien Feerique's Essence of Life

dob: 18.10.2015  Dam: Desireme Euphoria

Desireme Should've Gone Home
Desireme One Last Time
Desireme Never Forget You
Desireme Ghost Town
Desireme Talking Body

dob: 28.10.2014  Dam: Inya Dreams Material Girl

Inya Dreams OMG
Inya Dreams Ooh La La

dob: 14.03.2014  Dam: Chien Feerique's Bellavallentina

Chien Feerique's Alley-Caty
Chien Feerique's Shakira-Dark
Ch. Chien Feerique's Lana Lombardi
Chien Feerique's Bambi-Ricci
Chien Feerique's Im-King

dob: 21.04.2013  Dam: Jean Dark Fame and Fortune

Alphavilles Cruella DeVille
Alphavilles Crazy, Stupid Love

dob: 20.04.2013  Dam: Smedbys Four Roses

Lisar's Giorgio Armani
Lisar's Hugo Boss
Ch.Lisar's Image In
Lisar's Ralph Lauren

dob: 15.01.2013  Dam: Scherzando Tempestuous

Ch. Desire me Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Desireme Hall of Fame
Desireme Shine bright like a diamond

dob: 14.01.2013  Dam: Inya Dreams Just Talk To The Hand

Inya Dreams Not Just A Pretty Face

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