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INTCH  Wudnshu Delende W' A Wink N' A Smile for Koridawn
"Indigo Blue "Indi""

: 28.03.2010
: Silver Tri
: Powderpuff
Rachel Murphi (Alydar, United States)
Sandra Brunsell (Delende, United States)
Kristina Karraker (Koridawn, United States)

  • ©Samantha Aaruda

  • Indigo Blue 7-22-11
    ©Kristina Karraker

  • Indy 1 yr
    ©K Karraker

  • ©K Karraker

Siblings (3)


Delende Koridawn Three Mile Smile
Wudnshu Delende W' A Wink N' A Smile for Koridawn
Delende Koridawn The Winning Smile

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 12.08.2014  Sire: Vanitonia Too Hot To Handle

Koridawn N Zhen The Heat Is On
Koridawn N Zhen Keeper Of The Flame
Koridawn N Zhen Burn Baby Burn
Ch. Koridawn N Zhen Kiss The Flame
Koridawn N Zhen We Didn't Start The Fire

dob: 16.12.2013  Sire: Whispering Lane Big Man in Town

Koridawns Star Spangled Happiness
Ch. Koridawns If Wishes Were Horses
Ch. Koridawns Stars N Stripes Forever
Ch. Koridawns Where The Stars N Stripes N Eagle Fly
Koridawn HeartsBeatTrueNeathTheRedWhiteNBlue
Koridawns Lani
Koridawns Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue

dob: 06.06.2012  Sire: CH Olegro Katrin Bristol

Ch. Koridawn N Zhen Forever In Blue Jeans
Koridawn N Zhen Tangled Up In Blue
Ch. Koridawn Alydar Goodnight Blue Moon

dob: 10.10.2011  Sire: Whispering Lane Big Man in Town

Koridawns Wild Stormy Night
Koridawns The Mask of Zorro
Ch. Koridawn Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Ch. Koridawns Wild Card
Koridawns Wild By Design
Ch. Koridawns In Your Wildest Dreams
Koridawns Jessica Opal
Koridawn's Tank You Very Much

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