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Treasure Guardians Indian Spirit

Reg. no
: PLL / PRA free/ PL 0
: 18.07.2011
: black/white
: Hairless
: 27.00cm (10.6") / 3.00kg (6.61#)
Frank Werny (Treasure Guardians, Germany)
Stefanie Leitner (Crazy Cresteds, Germany)

  • ©Ann-Katrin R.

  • ©Ann-Katrin R.

  • ©A.Riedel

  • ©Ann-Kathrin R.

  • ©M.Rötz

  • ©M.Rötz

  • ©S.L.

  • ©S.L.

  • ©A.Labuch

  • ©F. Werny

  • 6 weeks
    ©F. Werny

  • 2 weeks old
    ©F. Werny

  • ©F. Werny


26.07.2014 Sommer Austellung CCC e.V. V2

Siblings (6)


Treasure Guardians I love you Ciara
Treasure Guardians Ice Cream
Treasure Guardians Imani
Treasure Guardians Infinity
Treasure Guardians Innocence
Treasure Guardians Indian Spirit

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 16.09.2017  Sire: Bi-lav Plus Thellurium

Crazy Cresteds Ducati Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Dexter Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Dreamsicle Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Dynamite Deluxe Bineo

dob: 10.01.2016  Sire: Bi-lav Plus Inevitable Success

Crazy Cresteds Asuka
Crazy Cresteds Alito
Crazy Cresteds Annabell
Crazy Cresteds Acai
Crazy Cresteds Akamaro

dob: 14.12.2013  Sire: Powder Puff

Little Crazy Cresteds Calida
Little Crazy Cresteds Caipi
Little Crazy Cresteds Cythai
Little Crazy Cresteds Campari
Little Crazy Cresteds Caspian

dob: 21.05.2013  Sire: Frendor's Atalante Junior

Little Crazy Cresteds Alaska
Little Crazy Cresteds
Little Crazy Cresteds Aslan
Little Crazy Cresteds Aiven

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