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FINCH  Arte Figure Fairy Queen

: 12.08.2011
: Hairless
Lassi Alestalo (Arte Figure, Finland)
Heidi Nummiola (Kiikunkaakun, Finland)
  • Kouvola Nat. Show 17.8.2013

  • Heinola Nat. Show 18.08.2013
    CAC & BOB -> FI CH!!!

  • Elton Kemi int 2012.
    ©Magic Trick´s / Noora Ukkola

  • ©Katja Laurila Royalette´s photography

  • ©Katja Laurila Royalette´s photography

  • Elton 4m.
    ©Magic Trick´s

  • 6 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

  • 4 weeks
    ©Arte Figure

Siblings (5)


Arte Figure Fruit Loop
Arte Figure Fairy Queen
Arte Figure Fruit Fly
Arte Figure Flame Dame
Arte Figure Fag Hag

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 12.06.2014  Dam: Sun Dan Candyfloss

Mooncrystal's Ella Enchanted
Mooncrystal's Ego To Go
Mooncrystal's Eyes Of Envy
Mooncrystal's Eternal Flame
Mooncrystal's Enter Sandman

dob: 27.09.2013  Dam: Vanitonia Girl Next Door

Arte Figure Kiss My Louboutins
Arte Figure Bollinger Overdose
Arte Figure Marry Me Kors
Arte Figure Me Myself and Manolo
Arte Figure Do It Like Dior
Arte Figure Vuitton All Over

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