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EECH  EEJCH  FINCH  BALT JW -12Joyway's Son Of The Sun

Reg. no
: SE26163/2016
: 03.11.2011
: White/Black
: Hairless
Marianne Virta (Joyway's, Finland)
Maria Mc Dermit (Tournais, Sweden)
Linn Camilla & Laila Sehlin (Poulot's, Norway)
  • 03.09.2016 Matti in Norway <3
    ©Camilla Sehlin / Tonje Isaksen

  • 03.09.2016 Matti in Norway <3
    ©Camilla Sehlin / Tonje Isaksen

  • ©Tournais

  • Helsinki 28.4.13
    Exc1 CQ BM-3 res-CAC
    ©Katja Laurila

  • BM-3 res-CAC
    ©Katja Laurila

  • BOB-puppy 14.7.12, Lammi
    8 months
    ©Pia Sillanpää

  • BOB-puppy, 14.7.12 Lammi
    8 months

  • BOB-puppy in Lammi 14.7.12
    8 months

  • Martti's first show in Helsinki 17.5.2012
    best puppy male, HP, BM2
    judge Päivi Eerola

  • 6 months

  • 6 months

  • 6 months

  • 6 months

  • 5 months

  • 5 months

  • 4,5 months

  • 10 weeks old
    ©Arte Figure

  • 10 weeks old
    ©Arte Figure

  • 7 weeks
    ©Marianne Virta

  • 5,5 weeks
    ©Timo Virta

  • ©Timo Virta

  • 1 week old
    ©Marianne Virta

  • 1 week
    ©Marianne Virta


Cerf 20161019 ( None heritage catarct )
Cerf CLEAR 2017
Patella 0-0

4 x BOB-puppy
1 x BOS-puppy
BOB-jun, jun-cac BOB, BIS4 jun 3.8.12, Pärnu, Estonia
BOS-jun, jun-cac BM2 4.8.12, Pärnu, Estonia
BALT JW -12, jun-cac -> EE JCH 19.8.12
BOS, CAC, Porvoo 8.9.12
BOB, CAC Mynämäki 19.5.13

Siblings (3)


Joyway's Touch The Sky
Joyway's Sky's The Limit
Joyway's Son Of The Sun

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 27.02.2017  Dam: Satana Blandus Meyhaw

Tournais Nadja No Knickers
Tournais Sassy Piece Of Lassie
Tournais Sister With Another Mister
Tournais Bold N' Beautiful
Tournais Lets Rock N Roll
Tournais Lets Go Little Darling

dob: 28.07.2016  Dam: Tournais Sunny Side Up

Tournais Blondes Have More Sun
Tournais Goodmorning Sunshine
Tournais Desperately Needs A Sun Tan
Tournais Forcasting Lots Of Sun
Tournais Sun Is The New Black
Tournais Where The Sun Do Not Shine
Tournais True Colors Of The Sun

dob: 01.07.2015  Dam: Bryelis Queen Titania

Joyway's Let's Have Some Sun
Joyway's Let The Sun Shine
Joyway's The Sun God

dob: 24.03.2015  Dam: Tirlittan Lara Lane

Tirlittan Nightingale

dob: 10.03.2014  Dam: Joyway's Lady Nikita

Joyway's Twilight Sparkle
Ch. Joyway's Pinkie Pie

dob: 03.11.2013  Dam: Allegranden Aurora Borealis

Allegranden Côte D'Azur
Ch. Allegranden Campo Dei Fiori
Allegranden Cotton Club
Allegranden Cashmere Lounge
Allegranden Camouflage
Ch. Allegranden Control Alt Delete

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