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INTCH(FCI)  Multi BIS Puppy, Multi BIS Jr, Multi BIS, Jr Mex CH, Mex CH, Panamerican CH, International CH, Intercontinental CH, GCM of the 75 Anniversary, Panamerican CH of the 75 Anniversary.Barbelo (Señoret)

: 14.02.2012
: Chocolate/crema
: Hairless
monica Señoret (chinese Crested Mexico, Mexico)
Carolina Cantarell (Cantarell Cresteds, Mexico)
  • 5 years

  • ©@cantarell

  • BIG 3 Toy Speciality 2015, New GCM od the 75 Anniversary!!!

  • Multi BIS Jr

  • ©@cantarell

  • ©@cantarell

  • ©@cantarell

  • ©@cantarell

  • Barbelo and me!
    11 months
    ©cantarell cresteds

  • BIS JR
    11.5 Months
    ©cantarell cresteds

  • 6 months
    ©cantarell cresteds

  • 6 months
    ©cantarell cresteds

  • ©

Siblings (7)


Alexander Magnus Señoret


puff male Chinese Crested Mexico
hl male 1 Chinese Crested Mexico
hl male 2 Chinese Crested Mexico
hl female Chinese Crested Mexico
hl male 4 Chinese Crested Mexico
Barbelo (Señoret)

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 17.07.2018  Dam: Dolce Vita Heybett

Flora Once Upon A Time (Cantarell)
Freya Fairy Tale (Cantarell)
Fandor Epic Glow (Cantarell)
Fantom Pixie Dust (Cantarell)

dob: 09.05.2017  Dam: Dolce Vita Heybett

Antonello The Handsome (Cantarell)
Aytana Ready To Shine (Cantarell)
Ch. Abie Day Dream (Cantarell)
Asti Exquisite Fur (Cantarell)
Angello Golden Boy (Cantarell)
Allie Fashion Girl (Cantarell)
Alika Sexy Girl (Cantarell)

dob: 14.04.2015  Dam: Didi de los jumichatos

Moon Black
Cordelia sunshine
Tonny stark

dob: 03.04.2015  Dam: Oris Aranda

Valentina CC Princes
love heart Valentino
supreme victory

dob: 29.12.2014  Dam:

Bolt double heart (cantarell)

dob: 26.04.2014  Dam: Tieta At Ferguel (Martinez)

Antonella The Huntress (Cantarell)
Madona Strike A Pose (Cantarell)

dob: 21.09.2013  Dam: Tieta At Ferguel (Martinez)

Byron Living For You (Cantarell)
Benny Born To Win (Cantarell)
Bond James Bond (Cantarell)

dob: 15.04.2013  Dam: Luna Nueva D' Ferguel (Martinez, Wantuch, Padilla)

Asti La Piu Bella (Cantarell/Tamayo)
Antonello il Mascherato (Cantarell/Tamayo)
Alí Batuffolo Di Coton (Cantarell/Tamayo)

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