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SKCH  SKGCH  Top female 2nd 2011, 2012, 2013Cindirella Little Magic

: 01.06.2009
: Hairless
Renáta Kucejová (Little Magic, Czech Republic)
Jana Kosova (Novozamocka Hviezda, Slovak Republic)

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Siblings (7)


Cornel Little Magic
Casper Little Magic
Cindirella Little Magic
Casiopea Little Magic


Dylan Gauliter Little Magic
Dorian Gauliter Little Magic
Danaé Gauliter Little Magic

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 07.12.2014  Sire: Adahy Faris Heybett Zanjero

Garfield Novozamocka Hviezda
Genesis Novozamocka Hviezda
Gerry Novozamocka Hviezda
Genny Novozamocka Hviezda

dob: 23.10.2011  Sire: Bagheera Gabrie Vamfim

Ch. Frodo Novozamocka Hviezda
FANNY Novozamocka hviezda

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