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AMCH  J-R'S twenty two calber by moa

: Hairless
: 31.11cm (12.2")
darlene Junkins (JR's, United States)
margarita files (MOA chinese cresteds, United States)

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Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 05.09.2012  Sire: Silver Bluff Coca Cola Cowboy

Ch. Moa's Lets Do It Again
Moa's Let's Make It Happen Again
Ch. Moa's Here We Go Again
Moa's Til We Meet Again

dob: 01.09.2012  Sire:

Moa's The Shot Herd Around The World

dob: 05.10.2011  Sire: Silver Bluff Coca Cola Cowboy

Ch. Moa Dr. Pepper
MOA's IV'e got a crush on you
Ch. Moa's Just A Little Squirt At Edelweiss
Ch. Moa's Have A Coke And A Smile
Ch. MOA's Tahitian Treat
Ch. Moa's Nothin Does It Like 7up
Ch. CH Moa's I Want My Sierra Mist

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