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Dresscode-Zero Lucky Lucy

Reg. no
: L.O.S.H 1107148 - 981100002515039
: 20.01.2012
: Slate
: Powderpuff
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgium)
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgium)
  • Lucy @ sea 6 months old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • LOVE her !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Lucy 4 months
    ©Ilse Callens

Siblings (7)


Dresscode-Zero Lost in Time
Dresscode-Zero Left Unseen
Dresscode-Zero Laid Black
Dresscode-Zero Lucky Lucy
Dresscode-Zero Love Lyrics
Dresscode-Zero Living a Lie
Ch.Dresscode-Zero Like a Rascal

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 13.01.2017  Sire: Dresscode-Zero Notorious Black

Dresscode-Zero Q
Dresscode-Zero Quynh of the Night
Dresscode-Zero Question of Lust
Dresscode-Zero Qupid Shot an Arrow
Dresscode-Zero Qruella de Velle
Dresscode-Zero Quimera
Dresscode-Zero Qualified Nightmare

dob: 06.10.2015  Sire: Twice as Nice Whiskey in the Jar

Dresscode-Zero Oreo The Cookie Monster
Dresscode-Zero One Eyed Jack
Dresscode-Zero One Night Stand
Dresscode-Zero On the Right Spot
Dresscode-Zero One Cheeky Bandit

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