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CZCH  Areta Nahaci z Haliparku

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/5028/12/17
: 24.03.2012
: Black
: Powderpuff
: 30.50cm (12.0") / 6.00kg (13.2#)
Hanus Brychta (Nahaci z Haliparku, Czech Republic)
Libuse Brychtova (z Haliparku, Czech Republic)
  • New Czech Champion
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • April 2018
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • Ex1, CAC - International dog show
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • At home after Club show 2017
    ©Libuse Brychtova

  • Ex1, CAC - Club show 2017
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • Movement 2017
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • Areta 4,5 months
    ©Hanus Brychta

  • ©Jan Simecek

  • ©Jan Simecek

  • ©Jan Simecek


8.10.2017 CACIB show Ceske Budejovice - Ex1, CAC
29.11.2017 Club Show KCHCCHP - Ex1, CAC
14.01.2018 National Dog Show Brno - Ex1, CAC
31.3.2018 Club dog show KCHCCHP . Ex 1, CAC
22.4.2018 CACIB Dog Show ?eské Budejovice - Ex1, CAC - CZECH CHAMPION!
Stud female
PRA PRCD, PLL, PRA RCD 3 - Clear (Genomia 2017)

Siblings (6)


Andy Nahaci z Haliparku
Arny Nahaci z Haliparku
Aryan Nahaci z Haliparku
Aryan Nahaci z Haliparku
Angelika Nahaci z Haliparku
Areta Nahaci z Haliparku

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