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Scherzando Desdemona

Reg. no
: 956000002665575
: 11.08.2012
: Black / white
: Hairless
Christine Bridgwater (Scherzando, England)
Jill M Barkway
  • 19 August 2013

  • 19 August 2013

  • January 1st 2013

  • 14th October

  • PLL clear

  • 14th October

  • 14th October

  • 9th October

  • 21 August

  • 21 August

  • Just born

Siblings (4)


Scherzando Bianca Lunacrest
Scherzando Montano
Scherzando Desdemona
Scherzando Roderigo

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 11.10.2016  Sire: Scherzando Harrison

Scherzando Hija de Oro
Scherzando Anak Emas
Scherzando Alton Kizi
Scherzando Zelta Meita
Scherzando Figlia d'Ora

dob: 22.03.2016  Sire: Scherzando Harrison

Ali Bongo Scherzando
Magic Babe Ning Scherzando
Ricky Jay
Mac King Scherzando To Godpeakiki
Zati Sungur

dob: 28.01.2015  Sire: Sigyns Midnight Masquerade with Scherzando

Scherzando Octopussy
Scherzando Goldfinger
Scherzando Thunderball
Scherzando Spectre
Scherzando Skyfall

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