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Koreke Chaitanya Last Love

Reg. no
: 06147-2012
: 25.08.2012
: Tri-colour
: Powderpuff
J E Bryce & B M Cherry (Koreke, New Zealand)
J E Bryce & B M Cherry (Koreke, New Zealand)
  • 8 weeks
    ©J E Bryce

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob: 24.02.2015  Dam: Koreke Sirona Tre Folkmassa

Koreke Carpe dium
Koreke Lad About Town

dob: 05.04.2014  Dam: Koreke Rhea Vivere E Amore

Koreke Ghost O The Nightwatch
Koreke Mist O Gold Zahra
Koreke Ming Dynasty At Argosy

dob: 26.08.2013  Dam: Koreke Epona Tre Folkmassa

Koreke Frank N Furter
Koreke Kaught On Camera At Yacanto

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