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CZCH  CZCCH  CZGCH  BOS, Junior Class Winner, Class Winner, Regional Winner, Coursing Champion Czech Republic 2015Flipper True Lásky dar

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/5105/12
: 22.06.2012
: red/white
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 6.50kg (14.3#)
Veronika Frolíková (Lásky dar, Czech Republic)
Vera Hladikova (Vera Hladikova, Czech Republic)

  • ©KCHN

  • ©Sousedikova

  • ©Sousedikova

  • ©Sousedikova

  • ©Hladikova M.

  • ©Hladikova M.

  • 10 months
    ©Hladikova M.

  • 9,5 months
    ©Hladikova M.

  • 7,5 months
    ©Hladikova M.

  • 6 months
    ©Hladikova M.

  • ©VeFro



Medical examination
PLL - clear by parents
prcd/PRA - clear by parents
PRA-rcd3 - clear
CERF 6/2014 - clear
CERF 8/2016 - clear
CERF 2018 - clear

Patella luxation - 0/0

Siblings (3)


Funny Boy Puff Lásky dar
Fleur de Amour Puff Lásky dar
Flipper True Lásky dar

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 10.12.2018  Dam: Prissy Garden Roses

Kalupinka Garden Roses

dob: 17.06.2018  Dam: Zari Garden Roses

Jesse Garden Roses
Jeffron Garden Roses
Jupp Garden Roses
Justeen Garden Roses
Jasmeen Garden Roses
Jannik Garden Roses

dob: 25.02.2016  Dam: Annanis Black Gem

Devil true love ar Arenis Marri
DAHLIA graceful ar Arenis Marri
DAHOME de noire ar Arenis Marri
DIABLO noble ar Arenis Marri
Dracoolka Magic ar Arenis Marri

dob: 11.02.2016  Dam: Bliss Tibetska noc

Vinci Puff Kalis z Treste
Valentino Kalis z Treste
Viking Kalis z Treste
Van Damme Kalis z Treste
Van Gogh Kalis z Treste
Vanilka Kalis z Treste

dob: 28.12.2014  Dam: Dejzy z Dybohurky

Adonis Dream of Childhood
Anabell Dream of Childhood
Alex Dream of Childhood
Alwin Dream of Childhood
Angie Dream of Childhood

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