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Vellar Pljus Charls Ston Shocoladny Angel(Stella Plyus)

: 15.06.2013
: chocolate
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8") / 3.00kg (6.61#)
Larissa Grechanaja (Vellar Pljus, Russian Federation)
Stella Liss
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Siblings (8)


Vellar Pljus Chisar Telue Conty
Vellar Pljus Chokoladi Shendy Khan
Vellar Pljus Charls Ston Shocoladny Angel(Stella Plyus)
Vellar Pljus Charodey From Chokolate Empire


Vellar Pljus Shoko Ladushka
Vellar Pljus Shanel
Vellar Pljus Shkodnaya Devchonka
Vellar Pljus Shokoladnaya Zhemchyuzhina

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 07.10.2017  Dam: Yayli Meyli

Stella Plyus "S"

dob: 01.09.2017  Dam: Charuyuschiy Soblazn Bellisima Beatriche

Stella Plyus "R"
Stella Plyus "R.A"

dob: 23.06.2016  Dam: Li Luna Chocolatie

Stella Plyus I..
Stella Plyus Infant
Stella Plyus Izvestnaya Larushka
Stella Plyus Iznegenniy Lyoubimchik
Stella Plyus I..

dob: 17.03.2015  Dam: Vsem na Zaglyadene

Stella Plyus Biskvit v Shokolade
Stella Plyus Baloven v Shokolade
Stella Plyus Bantik Shokoladnogo Angela

dob: 01.12.2014  Dam: Yayli Meyli

Stella Plyus Anfisa
Stella Plyus Alisa
Stella Plyus Amur v Shokolade
Stella Plyus Afeliya

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