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National & International Champion Germany ARCDAi Malin vom Himmelstempel
"Ai Malin"

Reg. no
: 10-2049 ICR
: 08.02.2010
: tricolor
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Anja Dinkel (vom Himmelstempel, Germany)
H. & B. G.

  • ©Thomas Stubbe

  • ©R. Arnold & T. Stuube

  • ©Rommy Arnold

  • ©Rommy Arnold


2 Platz Best in Show ARCD
Luxemburg Champion 2014
Neujahrssieger 2014
National Champion
International Champion

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob: 10.08.2014  Sire: Amarantt Roingold

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