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Reg. no
: SE19709/2014
: 27.01.2014
: Röd
: Hairless
: 31.50cm (12.4")
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sweden)
Felicia & Jeanett Lemmeke (Jean Dark, Sweden)
  • Reserve European Winner 2018
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • Reserve European Winner 2018
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • Reserve European Winner 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Reserve European Winner 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • July 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Tvååker (july/august) 2018
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 3½ years
    ©J. Forsling

  • 3½ years
    ©J. Forsling

  • Health results

  • Spring 2016
    ©K. Bello Herrera

  • Roskilde 2016, BF-2, CACIB & R-CAC
    ©J. Lemmeke

  • After Österbybruk IDS 2016, where Annie became BOB, INTCH & SECH
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • Best female at Nordic Winner 2016.
    Top quality CC. Wonderful type, outstanding balance perfect mover, with drive and class, a clear winner, proudly carried head, true eye,super skin and CC coat. correct feet. smart. temperament handled to her best.

  • After Österbybruk IDS 2016, where Annie became BOB, INTCH & SECH
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • After Österbybruk IDS 2016, where Annie became BOB, INTCH & SECH
    ©Kristy Bello Herrera

  • ©F.W Lemmeke
    1,5 months

  • 1,5 months
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Winning R-CACIB (--> CACIB) at European Winner 2015
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • May 2015
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • May 2015
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Ten and a half months
    ©Jenni Frank

  • Almost eleven months
    ©Jenni Frank

  • Ten and a half months
    ©Jenni Frank

  • DKCH SECH "VICE WW'14" Jean Dark Lady In Red, Felicia & Annie
    ©Jenni Frank

  • Annie, approximately 10 and 1/2 months old at Swedish winner where she became Swedish Junior Winner and by that have taken all nordic junior titles 2014!!
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 26/11 2014
    ©FW Lemmeke

  • Annie, nine months and two weeks old, takes her THIRD junior title in super strong competition!
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • ©F.W Lemmeke

  • BOB-puppy in Eskilstuna, 16/8
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Annie at her first show, the Swedish Chinese crested specialty. BOB-baby & BIS-puppy both days!
    ©Jossie Forsling

  • Approximately two months old (25/3)
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Six weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • 5 weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Three weeks
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Three days old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Two days old
    ©F.W Lemmeke

  • Newborn <3 Annie (in the front) and her puff brother
    ©F.W Lemmeke


2xCACIB Lithuania
1xCACIB Germany (Bundessiger)
1xCACIB Norway (European Winner)
1xCACIB Denmark
2xCACIB Sweden
2xCACIB Bulgaria
1xR-CACIB Denmark
2xR-CACIB Bulgaria
1xR-CACIB Norway
The first CACIB was received on Annies first try in youth class in Lithuania at 16 months. The last CACIB was recieved at her first try at 28 months in Sweden.

After C.I.B
1x Denmark (Nordic Winner)
2xR Sweden
1xR Norway

CAC Finland
CAC Sweden
CAC Denmark
CAC Bulgaria
CAC Germany
2xCAC CLUB Germany
2xCAC Lithuania + 2xN-winner
2xR-CAC Finland
5xR-CAC Denmark
1xR-CAC Sweden
1xR-CAC Norway

5xCrufts qualifications 2014
2xCrufts qualifications 2015
Lifetime qualified since 2016

BOG-1 IDS in Sweden
BIS-3 IDS in Sweden

Unbeated female baby/puppy in Sweden 2014
2xBIS-puppy (2/2)
6xBOB-puppy (6/7)
2xBOB-baby (2/2)

TITLES: (only awarded to one male and one female a year)
FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER 2014 (out of 20 juniors)
SWEDISH JUNIOR WINNER 2014 (out of 13 juniors)
(Annie wrote history by taking all the official junior titles in the nordic countries, which have never been done before)

Summer Winner 2015
Moletai Cup Winner 2015
BUNDESSIEGER 2015 ("German Winner")
Nordic Winner 2016

Reserve European Winner 2018
Reserve Nordic Winner 2017
Reserve Balkan Winner 2016 (after Jean Dark Lady In Red)
Reserve Danish Winner 2014
Reserve Helsinki Winner 2014

- 2018 -
3.11.2018 Best of breed, CACIB out of 46. Judge: Markku Kippinä

14.10.2018 European Winner 2018 - around 68 females, judge: Michael Leonard
Second place in Champion class, RCACIB and Reserve EUW'18

09.09.2018 CC-specialty show - 104 entries, 59 females
2/11 in champion class, reserve best female

» 16/12 Swedish Winner Show «
Fourth in champion class & reserve BF
Total breed entry: 76

» 10/12 Finnish Winner Show «
Third in champion class
Total breed entry: 62

» 9/12 Nordic Winner Show «
Champion class winner out of 14, BF-2 with R-CACIB
Total breed entry: 58
Judge: Biljana Nicolic

» 18/11 Norwegian Winner Show «
Champion class winner out of nine, BF-3 with CACIB
Total breed entry: 62
Judge: Cindy Petterson

» 5/11 Danish Winner Show «
2017 3/11 in Champion class
Total breed entry: 44

» 3/11 Växjö INT «
Third best female with R-CACIB
Total breed entry: 56

» 7/10 Sundsvall INT «
Second best female with R-CACIB
Total breed entry: 49

» 2/9 Öland NAT «
Best of Breed
Total breed entry: 29

» 23/7 Köping IDS «
BOS, CACIB, best female
Total breed entry: 38
Judge: Anna Friberg

» 9/7 Swedish CC-Summer specialty «
Third best female
Total entry: 71

» 27/5 Gimo NAT «
Second in CH after Barbie and fourth best female

» 6/5 Swedish CC-specialty «
Reserve BF

» 22/4 Västerås NAT «
First show after her puppies, Annie goes best female and BOS.

- 2016 -
» 6/11 Nordic Winner 2017 «
BOS, CACIB, CAC & 1/7 CHCL - Danish & Nordic champion

» 10/7 Alfta INT «

8/7 » Tvååker INT «
Champion class winner, BF-3, R-CACIB

» 2/7 Trondeheim IDS «
BF-2 with R-CAC & R-CACIB
Judge: Petr Rehanek

» 11/6 Vänersborg IDS «
4th best female
Judge: Carol Mulcahy, 41 entries

» 28/5 Österbybruk IDS «
At the first possible try INTCH & SECH by winning BOB, CAC, CACIB
Judge: Paul Stanton out of 45-50 Cresteds.

» 22/5 Swedish Specialty «
Third best champion female out of 6. Picked out in the best female competition
Judge: Linda Biss

» 1/5 Roskilde IDS «
Champion class winner, 2-BF, CACIB & R-CAC Roskilde INT. Judge: Jens Bruse

30/4 Champion class winner & R-BF at Roskilde INT. Judge: Torbjörn Skaar

20/3 Class winner, CAC, CACIB, BOB & Grand champion of Bulgaria.

19/3 Class winner, CAC, R-CACIB, reserve Balkan Winner'16 after Jean Dark Lady In Red & Bulgarian champion!

18/3 Class winner, best female, BOS, CACIB & CAC (Sofia IDS).

17/3 Sofia International class winner, CAC & R-CACIB after Jean Dark Lady In Red

- 2015 junior & youth results -

6/11 Open class winner, 4th best female and R-CAC at Finnish Winner, about 76 entries

5/11 Open class winner at Helsinki Winner. Judge: Johan Juslin

18/10 Class winner, VDH-CACx2, Club CACx2, CACIB, best female, Bundessieger 2015, BOS & Crufts qualified

16/10 Class winner at Herbst Winner, VDH-CAC & Club CAC. 50 CC/PP

19/9 Class winner, third best female, R-CAC & R-CACIB, Denmark.

5/9 Fifth best female at Euro crested specialty in Norway (judge: Wendy van Oosten)

4/9 Class winner, R-CACIB (--> CACIB) and fourth best female at European Winner in Norway (judge: Lisbeth Campbell). Around 100 entries

2/8 Second best in youth class at the Swedish CC-specialty show

24/5 Youth class winner, CAC, CACIB, BOS & CRUFTS qualified, Lithuania. Judge: G. Zhakarova (RUS)

23/5 Youth class winner, CAC, CACIB and BOS, Lithuania. Judge: T. Skaar (SWE)

29/3 1 of 11 JUN. class, third BF & R-CAC. Malmö International (54 entries)

14/3 Strängnäs international 2 of 12 with CQ in JUN. class

8/2 Second BB, R-CAC and class winner (junior). Judge: Zorica Salijevic

- 2014 Junior results -

14/12 Class winner (out if 13), SWEDISH JUNIORWINNER. Judge: Val Blore, UK (juniors and veterans)

7/12 Class winner, FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER, reserve best female with R-CAC (judge: Svein Erik Björnes, DKK). Entries: 71

6/12 Class winner, HELSINKI JUNIOR WINNER, second best female and CAC. Judge: Eeva Rautala, Finland (68 entries)

15/11 Class winner, NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER and fourth best female (88 entries. Judge: Bill Browne-Cole, England)

14/11 Class winner, NORWEGIAN JUNIOR WINNER (judge: Michael Leonard, Ireland). 87 entries.

2/11 Class winner, DANISH JUNIOR WINNER and second best bitch with R-CAC only nine months and one week old (judge: Rony Doedjins, Netherlands. 54 entries).

- 2014 Puppy results -
14/9 Best female and BOS (judge: Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia)

31/8 BOB-puppy (judge: Åsa Andersson, SWE) at Visby international

30/8 BOB-puppy (judge: Simon Mills, Australia) at Visby nat

17/8 BOB-puppy at Norrköping international

16/8 BOB-puppy (judge: M. Poggesi, Italy) (Eskilstuna) and shortlisted in BIS (judge: Lisbeth Liljeqvist)

3/8 BOB-puppy (Jönköping ITDS, L. Lehmann Jörgensen, DK) and shortlisted in BIS among 60-70 puppies (Cindy Petterson)

2/8 BOB-puppy (Jönköping International Triple Dog Show, P. Stanton, SWE)

8/6 The Swedish Chinese Crested specialty BOB-baby & BEST IN SHOW puppy (P. Van Baaren-Grop, NL)

7/6 The Swedish Chinese Crested specialty BOB-baby & BEST IN SHOW puppy (S. Björnes, DK) out of about 20

Pra-prcd clear
PLL clear by test
PLL clear by default
Eyes clear 2016
Patella 0/0 (clear)
Bite: 6*5+4

Siblings (8)


Jean Dark Captain Sunshine
Jean Dark Chiquitita
Jean Dark Crash! Boom! Bang!


Jean Dark Always On My Mind
Jean Dark Always and Forever
Jean Dark A Sunday Smile
Jean Dark A Song For You
Jean Dark Annie's Song

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 21.04.2018  Sire: Tulimyrskyn Barbapapa

Jean Dark O
Jean Dark Off and On
Jean Dark Oops I Did It Again
Jean Dark Our Last Summer
Jean Dark Only If
Jean Dark October Song
Jean Dark Ocean Pearl

dob: 03.01.2017  Sire: Beanie Baby Boy Freuhartang

Jean Dark King Kong Song
Ch. Jean Dark King For A Day

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