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PLCH  Ottima Sealsa

: 28.09.2013
: Craem
: Hairless
Sabina Poltorak (Sealsa, Poland)
Sabina Poltorak (Sealsa, Poland)

  • ©S.P.

  • ©S.P.

  • ©sealsa

  • ©sealsa

  • CACIB Rzeszów 22.05.2016
    ex, 1, CWC

  • CAC Katowice 19.03.2016
    ex,1, CWC

  • ©sealsa

  • ©sealsa

  • ©Sealsa


prcdPRA - clear
PLL- carrier
CERF :2016 - CLEAR

13.12.2015 CAC Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - Open class : very good , 1 place

19.03.2016 CAC Katowice - Open class : excellent, 1 place, CAC, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)

20.03.2016 CAC Katowice - Open class : very good, 1 place

21-22.05.2016 CACIB Rzeszów - Open class ,excellent, 1 place, CAC

21.05.2017 CAC Ustka - open class :ex, 1, CAC
Finish the title for the Champion of Poland

Siblings (21)


Ksiezniczka Charlotte Sealsa
Ksiezniczka Kate Sealsa
Ksiezniczka Astrid Sealsa
Ksiezniczka Madeleine Sealsa


Odorosa Sealsa
Occhiata Sealsa
Ottima Sealsa
Oro Puro Sealsa
Ottima Sealsa
Ottima Sealsa
Ottima Sealsa
Oro Di Re Sealsa


Posejdon Sealsa
Priceless Gem Sealsa
Proud Gypsy King Sealsa
Precious Pearl Sealsa
Porter Rhodes Sealsa


Vivica Sealsa
Vivienne Sealsa
Vaibhav Sealsa
Vayun Sealsa

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