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EECH  INTCH(FCI)  LTCH  MOLCH  PLCH  PLJCH  ROMCH  ROGCH  Polish Junior Club Winner 2015, Cruft's Qualification 2016, Polish Junior Winner 2015, Cruft's Qualification 2017, Moldavian Winner 2016Aztec Gold Freuhartang

: 13.06.2014
: Red/cream
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 6.00kg (13.2#)
H. Kubinova & M. Bachron (Freuhartang, Czech Republic)
Anna Wozny (Streaptill, Poland)
Anna Zukowska
  • CAC & BOS in Tartu (Estonia)
    ©Karolina Slawinska

  • autumn 2015

  • 24 months old
    ©Ania Wozny

  • autumn 2016

  • ©Ania Wozny

  • 20 months old
    ©Ania Wozny

  • brand new ROMCH, ROMGCH !!
    with 2x CACIB, BEST OF BREED

  • ©Magda Majerowicz

  • 18 months old, winter mood
    ©Ania Wozny

  • CAC, CACIB, BOB & Cruft's Nomination 2017

  • the most prestigous dog show in Poland - IDS Poznan (Poland Winner show) 8.11.2015
    exc I/5 Junior Winner,Cruft's Nomination, POLISH JUNIOR WINNER

  • 15 months old
    ©Lidka Pedziwiatr & Asin Ka

  • one year old

  • happy youngster

  • ©Judyta Gnyp-Nosal

  • ©Judyta Gnyp-Nosal

  • 5.5 months old
    after he got another very promissing I, BOS Baby
    ©Ania Wozny

  • ©Ania Wozny

  • 4,5 months
    ©pretty sweet

  • 4 months

  • 4 months

  • 10 weeks old

  • with his siblings

  • 7,5 weeks

  • 7,5 weeks

  • 7,5 weeks

  • 5 weeks

  • 4 days

  • 4 days

  • ©avokaduh


PRA-prcd: clear b/d
PLL clear: b/d
PRA-rcd3: clear b/d
CERF (EESVO): clear (06.2015, 06.2016, 04.2017)
Patella luxation: 0/0
Echocardiography+EKG+auscultation: heart normal/clear

Polish Junior Club Winner 2015
Polish Junior Champion
Polish Junior Winner 2015
Moldavian Winner 2016
Moldavian Champion
Romanian Champion
Romanian Grand Chamoion
Polish Champion
Estonian Champion
Lithuanian Champion

7x CACIB, 2x res.CACIB

He trains agility.

Siblings (3)


Alpha Amethyst Freuhartang
Aikkoo Thirteen Freuhartang
Aztec Gold Freuhartang

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 28.06.2017  Dam: Walkiria z Lowickiego Ksiestwa

Streaptill Destiny's Child
Streaptill Dusty Rose
Streaptill Devil In Disguise
Streaptill Doctor Strange
Streaptill Dirty Harry
Streaptill Daisy Dream

dob: 08.05.2016  Dam: Fascynujaca Dama Innowacja

Makarov Dudi dog's
Mortimer Dudi dog's
Ch. Merigold Dudi dog's
Maccus Dudi dog's
Meriva Dudi dog's
Mjollnir Dudi dog's
Ch. Mophie Dudi dog's

dob: 24.03.2016  Dam: Cristal Ice Nazarad

Corsair Crystal Ice
Ch. Cavalier Crystal Ice
Cartier Crystal Ice
Cardinal Crystal Ice
Cortes Crystal Ice
Constanze Crystal Ice

dob: 02.03.2016  Dam: Kimora Lee Gattaca

Pinot Grigio Gattaca
Paco Rabanne Gattaca
Passoa Ponch Gattaca
Ch. Pierre Cardin Gattaca
Pixie Dust Gattaca

dob: 18.09.2015  Dam: Cristal Ice Nazarad

Beneton Crystal Ice
Ch. Belen Crystal Ice
Blue Valentine Crystal Ice
Bentley Crystal Ice
Bounty Crystal Ice
Beyonce Crystal Ice at Parcauwen ( Imp Cze ) JW

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