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BALTCH  BALTJCH  BLRCH  CZCH  EECH  EEJCH  FINCH  LVCH  LVJCH  LTCH  LTJCH  Club Promise 2016, C.I.B (not confirmed yet)Valanyan Stars Inya Eyes

: 15.10.2015
: White-creme
: Powderpuff
Tiina Länsimäki (Valanyan, Finland)
Anni Rytkönen-Tetri (Silent Key's, Finland)
  • Hilla 20months
    ©Markku Vaitinen

  • Hilla BOS, CAC, CACIB and Crufts qualification 2018 in Brno, CZ

  • ©Tiina Maikkula

  • ©Petsku

  • Hilla 8 months
    ©Mikko Marttinen

  • 3 weeks
    ©Olivia Halonen

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki

Siblings (5)


Valanyan Over The Moon
Valanyan Stars Inya Eyes
Valanyan Jump For Joy
Valanyan In High Spirits
Valanyan Happy-Go-Lucky

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