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Xioma Sorrento Moon

: 24.07.2016
: Hairless
Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma, Australia)
Sarah Coates (Xiannu, Australia)

  • ©Dannielle Smith

  • ©Sarah Coates

  • ©Sarah Coates

  • ©Tanya Coates

  • ©Tanya Coates

  • ©Tanya Coates

  • ©Tanya Coates

  • ©Sally

Siblings (9)


Xioma Heart Of The Sun
Xioma Dark Fire
Xioma Fire In The Stars
Xioma Fire On The Moon
Xioma Black Star


Xioma Sorrento Moon
Xioma Once Around The Moon
Xioma Moonraker
Xioma Paper Moon

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob: 06.09.2018  Sire: Sun-Hee's Live and Love

Xiannu Sky Full of Stars (AI)
Xiannu I Found Her In A Star (ai)
Xiannu Keeper of the Stars (AI)
Xiannu Written in the Stars (AI)
Xiannu Rockstar (AI)
Xiannu Shining Star (AI)
Xiannu Wishing on a Star (AI)

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