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AMCH  Babylon's Iron Tamarlane

: 27.07.1996
: Silver White Mkgs
Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki (Tamarlane, United States)
Anna Morton (Babylon, United States)
Brigitte Reid (Shambhala, United States)

Siblings (2)


Babylon's Prophecy Of Genesis
Babylon's Iron Tamarlane

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Babylon's Mahakala

Babylon Zen

dob: 19.12.2001  Dam: Eric's Haley's Comet V Stryker

Dazedooks Sweet Surrender
Stryker's Latest Edition

dob: 25.10.2000  Dam: Horizon's Kalahari Sands

Horizons Serengetti Winds

dob: 11.02.1998  Dam: Goldenberry Minnie

Shambhala Black Kore
Shambhala Heavenly Pandorea
Miss Piggysue - Lucy Rianne

dob: 07.06.1997  Dam: Babylon's Mahakala

Babylon Tantra La-Posh
Babylon's King Charlemagne

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