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AMCH  BISS, SODBayshore Sol-Orr Hi-Tech SOD

: 25.07.1995
: Cream White Mkgs
: Hairless
Frank Baylis & Chris Oldt (Bayshore, United States)
Frank Baylis & Chris Oldt (Bayshore, United States)
Marian Blackman (Sirius, United States)
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#4 Chinese Crested (USA) 2000

Siblings (4)


Sol-Orr's Bayshore Finesse
Bayshore Sol-Orr Hi-Tech SOD


Bayshore's Miss Clairol


Bayshore Crown Royal

Offspring (38) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bayshore's China Doll

Arcadias China Pearl

dob:   Dam: Unicorn's Dulcinea HL

Ch. Unicorn's Sirius Lee

dob:   Dam: Unicorn's Diva At Jo-Bar

Unicorn's Sirius Living Legacy HL

dob:   Dam: Jin Wu of the Sun

Sirius Hi-Life Nano-Tech

dob: 08.03.2008  Dam: Pop-Rocky Bay Ask Not Dot

POP-Sirius Technically Amazing
Sirius-Pop-Hi-Life Technicolor
Sirius-Hi-Life Coca Coca Pop

dob: 03.12.2007  Dam: Crestars Xquizite At Legends DOM

Ch. Legends An Enchanted Moment
Ch. Legends There's A New Sheriff N Town SOM
Ch. Legends Johnny Ringo
Ch. Legends Hurricane at Solino's

dob: 24.10.2007  Dam: Jin-wu Of The Sun

Hi-Life's You Siriusly Had Me At Hello

dob: 11.09.2007  Dam: Crazy Horse Lola Cabana, DOM

Tacori Noth'n But The Truth Legends

dob: 03.05.2007  Dam: Vogue Hot Buttered Rum

Hilife Sirius It's Not Butter

dob: 17.03.2007  Dam: Jin-wu Of The Sun

Ch. Hilife's Shomi Sumseng Of The Sun
Hi-Life's Bridget of Kabix
High Life's Bridget At Kabix

dob: 17.03.2007  Dam: Jin Wu of the Sun

Hi-Life's Sirius Erin Go Braless

dob: 04.02.2002  Dam: Sanctuary Much Kami Sutra

Sanctuary Much-Sirius Repoman
Ch. Sanctuary much Whamblam Thax. Kam

dob: 04.01.2002  Dam: Surrey Hills Angel Wings

Ch. Pink Cadillac ByJove
Ch. Pink Cadillac By Jove

dob: 27.08.2001  Dam: Unicorn's Dulcinea HL

Unicorn's La-Ti-Da
Ch. Unicorn's Sirius-Lee

dob: 10.04.2001  Dam: Linor'somshantisanctuarymuch

Ch. Sanctuary Much Tai Chi

dob: 06.10.2000  Dam: Sparkplug By Jove

Legacy's Sparkle Plenty By Jove
Kandy Kisses By Jove
Zero Tolerence Byjove
Ch. Zero Tolerance By Jove

dob: 27.05.2000  Dam: Surrey Hills Angel Wings

Tamar Kelly Lady Godiva By Jove
Ch. Surrey Hills Dynamite By Jove

dob: 26.03.2000  Dam: Bayshore's China Doll

Bayshore Jane's Addiction

dob: 10.02.2000  Dam: Tamarlane's Sugartime Dra-Cot

Ch. Mikey Done It Again By Jove
Hi-Fi By Jove

dob: 09.02.2000  Dam: Sparkplug By Jove

Ch. You Go Girl By Jove

dob: 18.10.1998  Dam: Silver Bluff Princess Diana

Ch. Silver Bluff Yahoo

dob: 13.09.1997  Dam: Xi'a Xi'ang's Snow Leopard

Krispin Star Tech

dob: 02.10.1996  Dam: Taleeca Topsy Turvey

Bayshore's Hi-Falutin

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