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SECH  Beddi's Bang A Boomerang

Reg. no
: S15258/2002
: 11.01.2002
: Blue
: Hairless
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)
Peter Dahl (PeKitas, Sweden)
  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Maud Linneborg

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob: 24.09.2005  Dam: Lionheart Knock You Out

Lionheart Kween Of Sheeba
Lionheart Krack a Hacker

dob: 01.10.2004  Dam: Kiikunkaakun Aerodactyl

Kiikunkaakun Hulivilipoika
Kiikunkaakun Hunajapupu
Kiikunkaakun Hugohermanni

dob: 03.07.2004  Dam: Lionheart Kreme De La Kreme

PeKitas Aramis
PeKitas Apollonia
PeKitas Athos

dob: 11.01.2004  Dam: Beddi's Jewel Case

Beddi's Moonlight
Beddi's Master Of The Game
Beddi's Black Magic

dob: 27.12.2003  Dam: Maldinis Sancy Sapphire

Twice As Nice Deal Me In
Twice as Nice Drama Queen
Ch. Twice as Nice Devils Delight
Twice As Nice Desert Sparkle
Twice As Nice Divine Destiny
Twice As Nice Dark Horse

dob: 19.10.2003  Dam: Beddi's Blue Brilliant Gem

Beddi's Gipsy Girl
Beddi's Game Keeper
Beddi's Ginger Ale

dob: 31.03.2003  Dam: Maldinis Sancy-Krystal

Maldinis Sterling Silver
Ch. Maldinis Black River
Maldinis Bonaire
Maldinis Desirous Queen

dob: 15.03.2003  Dam: Müslis Ticka

Beddi's Bossanova
Beddi's Bellissima Blue
Beddi's Bossy Belle
Beddi's Betty Boop
Beddi's Braveheart

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