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2001 - 2017
Beddi's Brainy Blighter

Reg. no
: 14528/02
: 28.07.2001
: Mahogany
: Hairless
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)
Hannele Ståhl (Zhannel's, Finland)
  • ©Satu Posio

Siblings (7)


Beddi's Brilliant Bride
Beddi's Bare Blessing
Beddi's Bellman Sefir
Beddi's Brainy Blighter


Beddi's Ballyhoo
Beddi's Brizzard
Beddi's Baghera

Offspring (57) (Descendents)

dob: 11.04.2008  Dam: Maseraty Poarott

Arte Figure Brixton
Arte Figure Barbican
Arte Figure Blackfriars
Arte Figure Boston Manor
Arte Figure Bethnal Green
Arte Figure Bayswater

dob: 23.06.2007  Dam: Kuminaaman Donovan's Reef

Kuminaaman Fantasia
Kuminaaman Fanfare
Kuminaaman FantaCola

dob: 13.07.2006  Dam: Starglow's Angel Face

Starglow's Hevilläeihävitä
Starglow's Halleluja Angel
Starglow's Himself Is Lord
Starglow's Holy Angel

dob: 09.05.2006  Dam: Zhannel's Pocahontas

Zhannel's Icediamond
Zhannel's Absolutely
Zhannel's Ambitious Amber
Zhannel's Alias Ladykiller
Zhannel's Affable Icestar

dob: 11.04.2005  Dam: Zhannel's Feels Sooo Good

Zhannel's Grand Slam
Zhannel's Gypsy Rose
Zhannel's Good And Plenty
Ch. Zhannel's Grand Master
Zhannel's Glamour Girl
Zhannel's Grand Prix

dob: 27.06.2004  Dam: Yodanites Fancy Woman

Yodanites Isadora
Yodanites Ivanhoe
Yodanites Isandra

dob: 04.05.2004  Dam: Beddi's Bright Crystal

Kiikunkaakun Frodo Reppuli
Kiikunkaakun Follow Me
Kiikunkaakun Filmistara Fiona
Kiikunkaakun Foxtrot Friidu
Kiikunkaakun Fantsu Fiia

dob: 28.10.2003  Dam: Joyway's Gipsy Queen

Joyway's Jingle Bell
Joyway's Just A Feeling
Ch. Joyway's Just Lovely
Joyway's Jungle Man
Joyway's Jealous Lover
Joyway's Jedi Master

dob: 25.11.2002  Dam: Bozo Gang's Once Upon A Time

Bozo Gang's Braveheart
Bozo Gang's Bomb
Bozo Gang's Bugger
Bozo Gang's Bugaboo

dob: 02.08.2002  Dam: Zhannel's Heartbreaker

Ch. Tulimyrskyn Watti
Tulimyrskyn Woltti
Tulimyrskyn Wentti
Tulimyrskyn Waltti

dob: 01.08.2002  Dam: Zhannel's Queen Of Hearts

Zhannel's Knockout
Zhannel's Keep Smiling
Zhannel's Kick Back
Zhannel's Kiss By Kiss
Zhannel's Keep Going
Zhannel's Kiss'N Tell

dob: 17.06.2002  Dam: Yodanites Blondbella

Tippytoes Bat Girl
Tippytoes Betty Boop
Tippytoes Blossom
Tippytoes Busy Lizzy
Tippytoes Bugs Bunny

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