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1996 - 2010
INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NV-02 SV-02 BISS Beddi's Jabber Jack

Reg. no
: S37791/96
: 25.08.1996
: Blue
: Hairless
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)

  • ©k

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Marc Forth

  • ©Strömberg

  • ©Beddi's

Siblings (4)


Beddi's Jewel Case
Beddi's Jabber Jack
Beddi's Jiggery Pokery
Beddi's Jennifer Rush

Offspring (65) (Descendents)

dob: 25.07.2006  Dam: Lionheart Klose To Paradise

Lionheart Kanal Digital
Lionheart Kommander In Chief
Lionheart Kind A Kute

dob: 20.06.2006  Dam: Lionheart Kwalkuna Ha La

Lionheart Kover Girl
Lionheart Kool Katzilla
Lionheart Kare For Gold

dob: 10.07.2005  Dam: Müslis Ticka

Beddi's Placido Domingo
Beddi's José Carreras
Beddi's Luciano Pavarotti

dob: 08.07.2005  Dam: Dyrdal's Baby Boom

Jafari's Jabber Double O Seven

dob: 28.01.2005  Dam: Beddi's Bellissima Blue

Beddi's Sallie

dob: 25.12.2004  Dam: Prefix Hotlips

Lohamras Noblesse
Lohamras Nougat

dob: 18.06.2004  Dam: Beddi's Bare Blessing

Beddi's Joy Rider
Beddi's Japonika
Beddi's Jolly Bob
Beddi's Jolly Joker

dob: 30.06.2003  Dam: Maldinis Sancy Sapphire

Ch. Twice As Nice Body And Soul
Twice As Nice Bare With Me
Twice As Nice Bubbling Spirit

dob: 23.04.2003  Dam: Beddi's Bonnie Butler

Beddi's Blue Blaze
Ch. Beddi's Bonnie Blossom

dob: 20.10.2002  Dam: Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway

Ch. De La Mahafu's Alfa Eme
De La Mahafu's Andalucia
De La Mahafu's Ayla
De La Mahafu's Alice
De La Mahafu's Ametist Be De

dob: 14.10.2002  Dam: Suanho's Yaqina

Indigoos Star Amazing Queen No One
Indigoos Star Always Blazing Hero

dob: 30.09.2001  Dam: Yodanites Blackbeauty

Kiikunkaakun Bumbernizzeli
Kiikunkaakun Baucabää
Kiikunkaakun Bäzzinbää

dob: 10.02.2001  Dam: Lionheart Kan-Kan

Lionheart Hidden Dragon
Ch. Lionheart Krouching Tiger

dob: 01.02.2000  Dam: Maldinis Sancy-Krystal

Maldinis Sancy Cullinan
Ch. Maldinis Sancy Brilliant Lord
Maldinis Sancy Oriental Pearl

dob: 23.09.1999  Dam: Lionheart Kween Of Spades

Lionheart Kiwi Kanaloa

dob: 13.06.1999  Dam: Proud Pony Arctic Lady

Ch. Proud Pony Iron Maiden

dob: 03.05.1999  Dam: Omegaville Queen Bee

Ch. Hibacka's Lady Of The Lake
Ch. Hibacka's King Arthur
Hibacka's Merlin The Magician

dob: 12.12.1998  Dam: Beddi's Daniella

Tajmahal Cinnie
Tajmahal Cotten

dob: 09.09.1998  Dam: Lionheart Kween Kristin

Lionheart Korinne

dob: 08.09.1998  Dam: Lionheart Kristmas Kandice

Hibacka's Madame Bonacieux
Hibacka's Aramis
Hibacka's Athos
Hibacka's D'Artagnan

dob: 11.04.1998  Dam: Lionheart Kween Of Hearts

Untouchable's A Pretty Pet
Ch. Untouchable's Dream Come True
Untouchable's An Xltn Sir
Untouchable's Adorable Jewel
Untouchable's A Second Sight
Untouchable's A Thing In Style

dob: 11.03.1998  Dam: Lionheart Kween Kristin

Lionheart Kalifornia Dreamin'
Lionheart Kalifornia Blue
Lionheart Kalifornia Sunshine

dob: 28.01.1998  Dam: Beddi's Koh-I-Noor

Beddi's Famous Fellow
Beddi's Famous Feeling
Beddi's Fairplay

dob: 18.01.1998  Dam: Beddi's Scarlet O'Hara

Ch. Beddi's Just Jonna
Beddi's Jessica
Beddi's Jackpot

dob: 07.01.1998  Dam: Physical Fascination Pharizzla

Lionheart Kandidan Markoni

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