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Beddi's Jewel Case

Reg. no
: S51794/96
: 25.08.1996
: Golden
: Hairless
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)
Bibi Stäveby (Beddi's, Sweden)
  • ©unknown

Siblings (4)


Beddi's Jewel Case
Beddi's Jabber Jack
Beddi's Jiggery Pokery
Beddi's Jennifer Rush

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 11.01.2004  Sire: Beddi's Bang A Boomerang

Beddi's Master Of The Game
Beddi's Moonlight
Beddi's Black Magic

dob: 06.05.2002  Sire: Beddi's Big Boss

Ch. Beddi's Black Onyx
Beddi's Bright Crystal
Beddi's Blue Diamond

dob: 18.07.2001  Sire: Willow of Honeycroft

Beddi's Blue Maiden
Beddi's Blue Shammy
Ch. Beddi's Business With Lionheart
Ch. Beddi's Buccaneer

dob: 20.09.1998  Sire: Jokima Just Astounding

Beddi's Anam Cara
Beddi's Adamant Jaspar
Beddi's Attractive Amber
Beddi's Astounding Meija
Beddi's A Friend Of Me

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