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2003 - 2012
Belshaw's Hot Couture

Reg. no
: S47232/2003
: 25.06.2003
: Blue Sptd
: Hairless
Anna-Karin Roligs (Belshaw's, Sweden)
Susanne Wernström (Kinapuffens, Sweden)

  • ©Kinapuffens

  • ©S.Wernström

  • Belshaw's Hot Couture
    ©Anna-Karin Roligs

  • ©S. Wernström

  • ©S. Wernström

Siblings (3)


Belshaw's Sexy Graffiti
Belshaw's Truth Lush
Belshaw's Hot Couture

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 25.07.2008  Sire: Prefix Trafalgar

Kinapuffens Driva
Kinapuffens Deluxe
Kinapuffens Danilo
Kinapuffens Decibell
Kinapuffens Dunder
Kinapuffens Drake
Kinapuffens Demon

dob: 15.07.2006  Sire: Ziglavys Texas Pecan

Kinapuffens Breaking News
Kinapuffens Blitzkreig Bop
Kinapuffens Best Choise
Kinapuffens Big Boo
Kinapuffens Bumble Bee

dob: 06.11.2005  Sire: Ziglavys Texas Pecan

Kinapuffens Aluna
Kinapuffens Adidas
Kinapuffens Adina
Kinapuffens Anastasia
Kinapuffens Agaton
Kinapuffens Asterix
Kinapuffens Akasha

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