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2000 - 2009
Belshaw's Tamango

: 08.03.2000
: Mahogany
: Hairless
Anna-Karin Roligs (Belshaw's, Sweden)
Fam: Söderström (Chiango's, Sweden)
  • ©Chiango's

  • ©Chiango's

  • Belshaw's Tamango
    ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • Belshaw's Tamango
    ©Yvette Perberger

  • Belshaw's Tamango
    ©Sanna Wrisnig



Siblings (9)


Lionheart Keep Winning For Norway
Lionheart Krosschecking
Lionheart Kracker Jack
Lionheart Kreme De La Kreme
Lionheart Kare And Tender Love


Belshaw's Tamango
Belshaw's Vanilla
Belshaw's Cool Water Woman
Belshaw's Armani

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 04.12.2006  Dam: Mundiz Ada

Chiango's Tamayo
Chiango's Montgilio
Chiango's Vivanco
Chiango's Desoto
Chiango's Charpio

dob: 14.05.2006  Dam: Mundiz Ada

Chiango's Cubitz
Chiango's Carambol
Chiango's Chilo
Chiango's Chimira
Chiango's Calicut
Chiango's Caitline

dob: 12.04.2005  Dam: Giving Beauty's Starmystery Of Joy

Chiango's Trip No Nowhere

dob: 10.02.2005  Dam: Royal Baroness Absolutely Heavenly

Shao-Lei's Crystal From Heaven
Shao-Lei's Cute Little Star
Shao-Lei's Casper

dob: 24.08.2002  Dam: Nattmaran's Ettra

Backlyans Beata Von Yxkull
Backlyans Bon Jovi
Backlyans Billy Idol
Backlyans Blondie
Backlyans Bob Dylan

dob: 20.04.2001  Dam: Proud Pony Iron Maiden

Proud Pony Playgirl
Proud Pony Pure Passion
Ch. Proud Pony Pole Position
Proud Pony Pony Boy
Proud Pony Priceless

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