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Blandora Hearthrob

: 1998-07-14
: White & Sable
: Powderpuff
Jeanette P Sewell (Blandora, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Jeanett Sewell

Siblings (4)


Blandora Butterfly
Blandora Hearthrob
Blandora By Design
Blandora Without A Doubt

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: crisanddawn carbon copy

Neerodan Fire Dancer
Neerodan Fire Dancer

dob: 2001-02-24  Dam: Blandora Utterley Butterly

Ch. Blandora Dreamweaver
Ch. Blandora Maybe Just Maybe
Blandora Check This Out

dob: 2000-07-18  Dam: Surannon Savoir Faire

Blandora Sweet Breeze At Rebekia
Blandora Bare With Me

dob: 2000-02-12  Dam: Blandora Just Magic

Blandora Penny Black

dob: 1999-12-16  Dam: Blandora Faberge

Blandora Barely Blue
Blandora Bare Neccesity

dob: 1999-12-10  Dam: Surannon Savoir Faire

Blandora Maid Of Magic For Ankors

dob: 1999-11-25  Dam: Blandora Born To Be At Oolagha

Vanitonia Born Free For Langshava
Vanitonia Moet et Chandon Avec Surannon

dob: 1999-08-14  Dam: Mincrest Made To Measure For Blandora

Ch. Blandora Bound For Glory

dob: 1999-05-31  Dam: Hawthorns Bo Knows Best

Blandora Blue Angel

dob: 1999-05-30  Dam: Blandora Let It Be

Ch. Blandora Time Bomb Via Vanitonia

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