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INTCH(FCI)  Bloomsbury Avocado

Reg. no
: SHSB 433899
: White & Bronze
: Hairless
Breeder unknown. If you know who the breeder of this dog is you can help us improve the database by adding this information.
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (2)

No birth date recorded

Bloomsbury Avocado
Bloomsbury Avocado

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bloomsbury Cranberry

An-Chih-Se Of Red Angel's

dob:   Dam: Chin Aie De Herdezabad

Eros de la Colline Boisee de Puy-Boss

dob:   Dam: Cing Shan Des Bob's Des Lauriers Amandiers

Mandschu's Boba-Boa
Benji z Vlozu
Baby Shan z Vlozu

dob:   Dam: Perri Persifal

A-Golubaja Orchidea Vellar

dob:   Dam: Ajana Persifal

Arleta Vellar

dob: 17.01.2003  Sire: Fantastik Kashmir Samuel

Ch. Rus Ekzotik Avenu Klassika

dob: 21.12.1998  Dam: Vellar A Kaprizel

Vellar Pljus Assorti'k

dob: 20.03.1998  Dam: Vellar A Kaprizel

Ch. Vellar Pljus Antuanetta
Ch. Vellar Pljus Alena
Vellar Pljus Allondra
Ch. Vellar Pljus Anastasia

dob: 01.01.1997  Dam: Amalia Vellar

Al Angelika Vellar
Areteya Vellar

dob: 01.01.1994  Dam: Juwel Von Shinbashi

Vellar Pljus Ariella
Vellar Pljus Adzhenija

dob: 23.08.1993  Dam: Cing Shan Des Bob's Des Lauriers Amandiers

Glory Shan z Vlozu
Gej Shan z Vlozu

dob: 13.01.1993  Dam: Cing Shan Des Bob's Des Lauriers Amandiers

Fen Shan z Vlozu

dob: 01.01.1993  Dam: Vichenka Persifal

Apfija Vellar
Apfia Vellar

dob: 26.06.1992  Dam: Sonja

Benny Trenk
Becky Trenk
Brianna Trenk

dob: 31.10.1991  Dam: Sonja

Amaldi Trenk

dob: 07.09.1989  Dam: Chin Aie De Herdezabad

Erratum Blue De La Colline Boisee De Puy-Boss

dob: 29.06.1988  Dam: Dawn's Wee Girl Precious

Teufelchen D' Aenoschka-Jill

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