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CZCH  VDHCH  ITACH  SECH  CHCH  Dt,Bloomsbury Ivory-Blue

Reg. no
: 483171
: blue
: Hairless
Jürgen Grünn (Bloomsbury, Germany)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

Siblings (3)


Bloomsbury Figaro-Blue


Bloomsbury Lavendel

No birth date recorded

Bloomsbury Ivory-Blue

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Bloomsbury Batida De Coco

Goldenberry Kassandra
Goldenberry Kir Royal Onyx

dob:   Dam: Bloomsbury Blackberry

Goldenberry Happy Solitaire
Goldenberry Hot Dog

dob:   Dam: Bloomsbury Cranberry

Goldenberry V. Octopussy

dob: 25.09.1996  Dam: Goldenberry Une Melody

Goldenberry Paloma
Goldenberry Promotion
Ch. Goldenberry Punching Ball - DOM

dob: 04.10.1994  Dam: Goldenberry Dark Little Julia

Pici-Gyongy Csatovna Me

dob: 12.09.1993  Dam: Goldenberry Dark Scarlett O'Hara

Goldenberry Sly

dob: 22.06.1993  Dam: Divinella of White Towers

How to be Naomi dei Sette Laghi

dob: 23.03.1993  Dam: Bloomsbury Cranberry

Goldenberry Noblesse Nuala
Goldenberry Nice Dancer
Goldenberry Nitschevo

dob: 05.01.1993  Dam: Goldenberry Dark Scarlett O'Hara

Goldenberry Little Chiara
Goldenberry Little Chagall

dob: 01.11.1992  Dam: Bloomsbury Batida De Coco

Goldenberry Kolibri

dob: 19.08.1992  Dam: Bloomsbury Cranberry

Goldenberry Jason

dob: 01.08.1992  Dam: Bloomsbury Blackberry

Ch. Goldenberry Happy Flashback

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