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EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  SECH  ESTW-93-94 BUDGS-93 FINW-92-94 ÖJGSG-91Blue Crest's Plutonium Boy

Reg. no
: SF39886/90
: 28.10.1990
: Tricolor
: Powderpuff
Ira & Saga Malberg (Blue Crest's, Finland)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Mini-Crest

  • ©Unknown

Siblings (6)


Blue Crest's Mint Melody
Blue Crest's Wild Thing
Blue Crest's Billy The Kid
Blue Crest's Walzing Matilda
Blue Crest's Geisha
Blue Crest's Plutonium Boy

Offspring (31) (Descendents)

dob: 01.09.1997  Dam: Tre Pe's Goa-Gucci-Girl

Tre Pe's Oriflame Online
Ch. Tre Pe's Okej Jag Är Tjej
Tre Pe's Officer Tin-Tin

dob: 01.07.1997  Dam: Chefens Emma

Zazza Paa Dou's Rocko Barocko
Zazza Paa Dou's Palazzo

dob: 16.04.1997  Dam: Zazza Paa Dou's Olivia Newton-John

Zazza Paa Dou's Listen To Me
Zazza Paa Dou's Let It Be Me
Zazza Paa Dou's Look At Me

dob: 05.08.1996  Dam: Blue Crest's Gilda

Palatsin Asteri
Palatsin Asterix Boy
Palatsin Little Tiger
Palatsin Star Girl

dob: 07.05.1996  Dam: Chefens Emma

Zazza Paa Dou's Live And Love
Zazza Paa Dou's Live And Lern

dob: 22.05.1995  Dam: St.Erme Fairy Orchid

Blue Crest's Kilroy Was Here
Blue Crest's Key To Success
Blue Crest's Kangaroo's Kick
Blue Crest's Karate Kid

dob: 10.04.1995  Dam: Blue Crest's Gilda

Cullen Cindy
Cullen Ciko
Cullen Charlotta

dob: 23.01.1995  Dam: Springwind Madonna

Cullen Bella
Cullen Brenda
Ch. Cullen Bonnie
Cullen Bambino
Cullen Berry

dob: 26.11.1994  Dam: Nightdream Dajia Kua Ta

Bye Baby
Boy Toy
Black Jackie

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