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2001 - 2009
CZCH  CZJCH  Bonzer's Atomic Bomb

Reg. no
: FIN30385/01, CMKU/CIN/808/-01/01/02
: 11.06.2001
: gray
: Hairless
: 29.50cm (11.6") / 4.90kg (10.8#)
Eija Nurminen (Bonzer's, Finland)
Cermanová Ivana (Ka-La-Em, Czech Republic)
  • ©IVA, Ka-La-Em

  • ©Eija Nurminen

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  • ©nahaci

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Siblings (5)


Bonzer's Agent Arthur
Bonzer's A Little Miracle
Bonzer's As Cold As Ice
Bonzer's Atomic Bomb
Bonzer's Ace Of Heart

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob: 01.04.2006  Dam: Arian Roleda

Barnabash od Teareibi

dob: 23.01.2004  Dam: Adelie Avokaduh

Ch. Dajána Kalis z Treste
Duelano Kalis z Treste
Dulcinea Kalis z Treste

dob: 10.12.2003  Dam: Daphne Ka-La-Em

Amenre Panky

dob: 15.07.2003  Dam: Areka z Kamilkové zahrady

Baraka z Kamilkové zahrady
Boston z Kamilkové zahrady
Bellis z Kamilkové zahrady
Blueberry z Kamilkové zahrady

dob: 07.02.2003  Dam: Felicita Modry Kvet

Elliot Ka-La-Em
Electric Elf Ka-La-Em
Effi Ka-la-em
Elischka Ka-La-Em
Emperor Ka-La-Em
Eddie Ka-La-Em
Ernest Ka-La-Em
Eric Ka-La-Em
Elizabeth Ka-La-Em
Elderberry Ka-La-Em

dob: 04.02.2003  Dam: Artemis Pernstejnsky andel

Alfi Sable Blues
Amorek Sable Blues
Aika Sable Blues
Aileen Sable Blues
Aboney Sable Blues

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