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Caomi Cin-Cin Pet

: 22.04.1999
: 27.50cm (10.8")
Ladislava Holecova (Cin-Cin Pet, Czech Republic)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (13)


Casandra Cin-Cin Pet
Casiope Cin-Cin Pet
Casio Cin-Cin Pet
Clea Cin-Cin Pet
Catleya Cin-Cin Pet
Campanela Cin-Cin Pet
Caomi Cin-Cin Pet


Debie Cin-Cin Pet
Daisy Cin-Cin Pet
Dippi Cin-Cin Pet
Dio Cin-Cin Pet
Dejvid Cin-Cin Pet
Demi Cin-Cin Pet

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 22.08.2003  Sire: Gil-Gamesh Alexa Lachesis

Dafne z Dalimilova raje

dob: 05.03.2002  Sire: Adam Slezsky sen

Einstein Slezsky sen
Edison Slezsky Sen

dob: 24.01.2001  Sire: Adam Slezsky sen

Ariana z Dalimowa Raje
Airin z Dalimilova Raje
Aranka z Dalimowa raje

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