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AMCH  BDACH  BISSChargi's Macgyver SOD

: 1991-06-06
: Palomino
: Hairless
Gigi Law (Chargi, United States)
Gigi Law (Chargi, United States)

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  • ©Caparas

  • ©Deirdre Petrie

Siblings (4)


Chargi's Cluny
Chargi's Rapid Transit
Chargi's Winning Colors


Chargi's Macgyver SOD

Offspring (54) (Descendents)

dob: 1999-10-13  Dam: Chargi's Arewehavingfunyet?

Ch. Chargi's Monkeyshines
Ch. Chargi's Easy On the Eyes

dob: 1999-04-13  Dam: Chargi's Lucille Bald

Ch. Chargi's Evita

dob: 1998-07-08  Dam: Dacaris' Mystic Mirage

General's Demitasse

dob: 1998-04-02  Dam: Silver Bluff Kahlua N Cream

Ch. Pyramid Kahlua Colada

dob: 1997-12-16  Dam: Dacaris' Mystic Mirage

General's Eye Of The Tiger

dob: 1997-09-08  Dam: Edgewood's Carousel

Nitika's A-Reba

dob: 1997-08-27  Dam: Makara's Star Of BlyThewood

Earlylite Starburst
Earlylite Newstar O'Briarwood
Earlylite Midnight Star

dob: 1996-12-31  Dam: Makara's Twinkling Star

Dacaris' Standing Ovation
Dacaris' All Eyez On Me
Dacaris' Alopecia Areata
Dacari's Twinkle In Time
Makara's Fancy That

dob: 1996-06-19  Dam: Sun-A-Ra's Too Too Much

Ven-Chvr's Kebler Cookie

dob: 1996-04-17  Dam: Makara's Star Of BlyThewood

Blytaewood Excitement

dob: 1996-01-22  Dam: Makara's Justa Jezebel

Ch. Makara's Chazmanian
Makara's Sir Wally Ragster

dob: 1995-07-10  Dam: Paisley's Dazzeling Rose Bud

Deserie's Kiss By A Rose

dob: 1995-06-05  Dam: Makara's Justa Jezebel

Ch. Makara's Sharper Image

dob: 1994-05-25  Dam: Radbill's Dominque

Makara's Wildflower Of Doriann

dob: 1994-04-17  Dam: Makara's Star Of BlyThewood

Ch. Makara's Shining Star
Blythewood Priceless
Blythewood Ballerina

dob: 1994-03-06  Dam: Makara's Scandalous Kiara DOM

Ch. Makara's Wild Orchid
Ch. Makara's Wind Dancer
Makaras Rapunzel O'Tamarlane
Ch. Makara's Dreams Do Come True DOM

dob: 1994-01-16  Dam: Ng Dynasty's Pidge

Makara Skiptomylu At Brival

dob: 1993-10-23  Dam: Bleu Champagne Of For-Leaf

Champagne's Pandemonium
Champagne's Mumms The Word
Champagne's Sam I Am
Champagne's Cristal
Champagne's Dom Perignon

dob: 1993-08-18  Dam: Radbill's Dominque

Paisley's Passion For Makara
Ch. Makara's Touch Of Heaven

dob: 1993-01-27  Dam: Makara's Ebony Enchantress DOM

Ch. Makara's Enchanting Aphrodisia
Ch. Makara's The Heat of The Nite
Ch. Makara's Black Pearl

dob: 1992-12-09  Dam: Paisley Passion For Honore

Honore's Brite Eyes Stricta
Honore's Puff Pastry
Honore's Bare Faxx

dob: 1992-11-12  Dam: Makara's Scandalous Kiara DOM

Makara's Going To Extremes
Makara's Quantum Leap
Makara's Silk Stalkings
Makara's A Current Affair
Makara's The Equalizer
Ch. Makara's Northern Exposure
Makara's Evening Shade

dob: 1992-05-26  Dam: Dodd's Coconut Lizzie Makara

Makara's Top Hat
Makara's Sudden Impact
Makara's Clearly Captivating
Makara's Impetuous Diva

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