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NORDCH  Chefens Mowgli

Reg. no
: S52570/94
: 16.05.1994
: Wild Color Wht Mkgs
: Powderpuff
Astrid Lofs (Chefens, Sweden)
Owner unknown.
  Sire's sire: Clogheen Emperor Chang
Sire: Chefens Brum-Brum
Sire's dam: Chefens Tuss
  Dam's sire: Chefens Toby
Dam: Chefens Lavendel
Dam's dam: Chefens Soraya

Siblings (4)


Chefens Klas Klättermus
Chefens Mowgli
Chefens Ronja Rövardotter
Chefens Mogwai

Offspring (31) (Descendents)

dob: 19.11.2002  Dam: Sun-Hee's Sacred Spirit

Quenellas Jessie
Quenellas Julius Cesar
Quenellas Joxy
Quenellas Jerka

dob: 02.01.2002  Dam: Sun-Hee's Sacred Spirit

Quenellas Isenhover
Quenellas Impar
Quenellas Isola
Quenellas Invicto

dob: 09.07.2000  Dam: Sun-Hee's Sacred Spirit

Quenellas Great Boy
Quenellas Go Go Girl

dob: 06.08.1999  Dam: Sun-Hee's Sacred Spirit

Quenellas Feeling me Proud
Quenellas Fantasy
Quenellas Felicite
Quenellas Ferrari

dob: 16.05.1999  Dam: China Aster's Get It All

China Aster's Mascot
China Aster's Masquerade
China Aster's Magnolia
China Aster's Mascara

dob: 17.03.1998  Dam: Sun-Hee's Sacred Spirit

Quenellas Champagne
Quenellas China Girl
Quenellas Chang
Quenellas Chinese Star

dob: 14.03.1997  Dam: Zazza Paa Dou's Ida

Ch. Sun-Hee's Willow
Ch. Sun-Hee's Walk On Top
Sun-Hee's Witch Craft

dob: 07.01.1997  Dam: Chefens Smurfa

Quenellas Beautiful Girl

dob: 14.08.1996  Dam: Chefens Rosmarin

China Aster's Eclaire
China Aster's Evensong
Ch. China Aster's Every Day

dob: 11.04.1996  Dam: Zazza Paa Dou's Grace Jones

China Aster's Douglas Läderlapp
China Aster's Donald Stålman

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