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SECH  China Aster's Flame Of Hale Bopp

Reg. no
: S24028/97
: 26.03.1997
: Mahogany Wht Mkgs
: Hairless
Yvonne Fransson (China Aster's, Sweden)
Owner unknown.
  • ©unknown

  • ©unknown

Siblings (4)


China Aster's Flame Of Hale Bopp
China Aster's Fireflame Fenix


China Aster's Jitterbug Star
China Aster's Jazzing Comet

Offspring (29) (Descendents)

dob: 05.08.2004  Dam: Rimabra's Empress Josephine

Goulden Chinese's Bronzo
Goulden Chinese's Bluebell
Goulden Chinese's Batman
Goulden Chinese's Bonzai

dob: 07.05.2003  Dam: Flons Fatima

Flons Amadeus
Flons Afrodite
Flons Aramis
Flons Argos

dob: 23.04.2003  Dam: Royal Baroness Against All Odds

Spirit Of Mantra's Sme'agol
Spirit Of Mantra's Gollum
Spirit Of Mantra's Wille
Spirit Of Mantra's Black Magic

dob: 07.02.2002  Dam: Royal Baroness Against All Odds

Spirit Of Mantra's Tezzita
Spirit Of Mantra's Puffran
Spirit of Mantra's Edvin
Spirit Of Mantra's Alladin

dob: 06.07.2001  Dam: Flons Fatima

Flons Greta Garbo
Flons Gringo gonzales
Flons Gaio Galliano
Flons Geisha Hotlips

dob: 17.06.2000  Dam: Tanta-Piiparin Wiiwi

Mydestiny Wilbert
Mydestiny Primerose
Mydestiny Paeonia
Mydestiny Walther
Mydestiny Walmonth
Mydestiny Wännk

dob: 21.01.2000  Dam: Tournais Waiting To Exhale

Tournais Know How
Tournais Kuriosity Killed The Cat
Tournais Kisses From Above

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