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ACCCCH  China Crest Mohawk

: 26.04.1983
: Slate
: Hairless
Paul Ancil (China Crest, United States)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (5)


China Crest Mohawk
China Crest Adamant Tea Leaf
Dynasty's Pearl Of The Orient


China Crest Jasmine Blossom
China Crest Hu Shang Po

Offspring (34) (Descendents)

dob: 25.12.1989  Dam: Razzmatazz Strelka

Razzmatazz Prizetaker

dob: 21.07.1989  Dam: Razzmatazz Final Edition

Razzmatazz Vindicator
Razzmatazz Chickadee
Ch. Razzmatazzmanian Stripper
Razzmatazz Triumph

dob: 04.08.1988  Dam: Razzmatazz Dragonfly

Razzmatazz Peridot

dob: 31.05.1988  Dam: Razzmatazz Strelka

Razzmatazz C C Rippel
Razzmatazz Frank Rizzo

dob: 25.05.1988  Dam: Wenlo's Lady Godiva

Wenlos Remarkable Arrow
Ch. Wenlo's Painted Polo Pony
Wenlo's Breeda Alana
Wenlo's Kyra Of Golden Knobs

dob: 18.07.1987  Dam: Phaedrian's Harvest

Phaedrians Patou Of Smokey Valley
Phaedrian's Razzmatazz With Spice

dob: 13.03.1987  Dam: Lejo's Halo Of Phaedrian

Lejo's Cavalleria Rusticana
Ch. Lejo's Cherokee Of Luvan
Lejo's Anastasia
Lejo's Thurber
Lejo's Pagliacci
Lejo's Persimmon Razzmatazz

dob: 03.02.1987  Dam: Gipez's Joie De Vivre


dob: 05.09.1986  Dam: Phaedrian's Gossamer Wing

Phaedrian's Joaquin Murieta

dob: 22.10.1985  Dam: Gipez's Joie De Vivre

Razzmatazz Pekoe Of Jann

dob: 20.10.1985  Dam: Gipez's Belle Noire

Ch. Razzmatazz Dragonfly
Ch. Razzmatazz Pod Of Staround
Ch. Razzmatazzmanian Devil
Ch. Razzmatazz Snapdragon

dob: 14.03.1985  Dam: Gipez's Cornelia Of Wenlo

Wenlo's Ta Chiang

dob: 12.01.1985  Dam: Mordor Marina Of Gipez

Gipez's Lulu

dob: 04.01.1985  Dam: Gipez's Shu-Chi Of Sun-A-Ra

Sun-A-Ras Crash At Darwalk
Ch. Sun-A-Ra's Ching-Chow Of Gipez

dob: 21.09.1984  Dam: Nanci's Bambi

Nanci's China Anni-Mell

dob: 09.09.1984  Dam: Lejo's Halo Of Phaedrian

Lejo's Vladimir

dob: 12.07.1984  Dam: Gipez's Cornelia Of Wenlo

Ch. Wenlo's Kukuai Kumquat

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