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AMCH  GBCH  Churrasco Priscilla DOM

: 01.05.1994
: Slate
: Hairless
Des & Di Jenkins (Churrasco, England)
Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki (Tamarlane, United States)
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BOB Crufts

Siblings (2)


Churrasco Priscilla DOM
Ch Churrasco Cream Dream At Oolagha

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 29.12.2001  Sire: Churrasco Fabian

Ch. Tamarlane's Lady Penelope
Ch. Tamarlane's Traveling Man

dob: 06.03.1999  Sire: Puffin Batteries Not Included SOM

Tamarlane-Krishna's Eveready DOM
Tamarlane's Coppertop

dob: 19.07.1998  Sire: Blandora Leo Of Churrasco SOD

Ch. Tamarlane-Krishna's Th'Duchess
Ch. Tamarlane's Mad Tea Party DOM
Ch. Tamarlane's Quicksilver
Ch. Tamarlane's The Untouchable

dob: 23.10.1997  Sire: Blandora Leo Of Churrasco SOD

Tamarlane's Khalil
Ch. Tamarlane's Omar Sharif
Ch. Tamarlane's King Of The Jungle, Cd, Rn, Cgc

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