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CAJC, CAC, res.CACDamiane Modry Kvet

: 22.05.1999
: Slate White Mkgs
: Hairless
: 36.00cm (14.1")
Jiri Pospisil (Modry Kvet, Czech Republic)
Burýšková Romana (Zvonecek, Czech Republic)

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  • ©Jan Simecek

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Siblings (8)


Damiane Modry Kvet
Dilen Modry Kvet
Doyel Modry kvet
Dejna Modry kvet
Denny Modry kvet
Derrick Modry kvet
Daevid Modry kvet
Dilen Modri Kvent

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 01.10.2007  Dam: Cassy Pupo-Haichi

Doreen Chocolate Zvonecek
Danecek Zvonecek
Daphne Zvonecek
Davidek Zvonecek
Doreen Chocolate Zvonecek
Denny Zvonecek

dob: 14.08.2004  Dam: Cassy Pupo-Haichi

Costner Kevin Zvonecek
Crawford Cindy Zvonecek
Carrey Jim Zvonecek
Cosby Bill Zvonecek
Collins Phil Zvonecek
Connor Sarah Zvonecek

dob: 01.06.2003  Dam: Dee Dee Sarah Mahtob

Xantusia Cornelie Brown
Xantusia Clawela Black
Xantusia Coolin Excelet
Xantusia Calamity Jane

dob: 15.06.2002  Dam: Conie Mesicni Jas

Bady Zvonecek
Bessie Zvonecek
Barunka Zvonecek

dob: 30.05.2002  Dam: Campanela Puf od Zlate Samanty

Foki Cin-Cin Pet

dob: 12.08.2001  Dam: Romy z Vlozu

Karmin Crest Od Chlpiku
Koral Blue Od Chlpiku
Kalif Powder Od Chlpiku
Karamel Star Od Chlpiku
Kamelie Girl Od Chlpiku

dob: 22.05.2001  Dam: Campanela Puf od Zlate Samanty

Ch. Frencis Cin-Cin Pet

dob: 24.12.2000  Dam: Anya Avokaduh

Alien Lee Lasky dar
A White Prince Lasky Dar
Ch. Artus Lasky dar
Ajanta Lasky dar

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