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ACCCCH  Dar-Walk Secret Song SOM

: 01.01.1981
: Pink
: Hairless
Darlene Walker (Dar-Walk, United States)
Owner unknown.

  • ©Unknown

Offspring (39) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Ryan's Winter Wheat

Dae-Walk's Chiffon De El Pelon

dob:   Dam: Wee Cinda Ella

Jaar-Den's Shara Lady V Ryan

dob: 04.09.1991  Dam: Gipez's Ling-Ling

Dar-Walk Last Song Sun-A-Ra
Ch. Dar-Walk Song Again
Gipez's Piccapilli Of Dar-Walk

dob: 10.06.1991  Dam: Ryan's Kelly O'Ebon Will

El Pelon Fiesta Of Darwalk
El Pelon Fuego Of Darwalk
El Pelon's Flame Of Darwalk

dob: 12.03.1991  Dam: Ryan's Winter Wheat

Dar-Walk Chiffon De El Pelon
Dar-Walk My Song

dob: 24.07.1990  Dam: Gipez's Snogirl Of Sun-A-Ra

Dar-Walk Summer De El Pelon
Ch. Dar-Walk Son Song

dob: 21.02.1990  Dam: Gipez's Ling-Ling

Dar-Walk Song and Dance

dob: 15.02.1990  Dam: Kivox Poppet

Dar-Walk Justaminit Del Pelon

dob: 25.10.1989  Dam: Gipez's Su-Chow

Dar-Walk Night Song

dob: 02.12.1987  Dam: Gipez's Ling-Ling

Ch. Dar-Walk Szechuan Of Gipez SOD

dob: 01.03.1987  Dam: Wee Cinda Ella

Ryan's China O'Ebon Will
Ryan's Secret Star
Ryan's Victoria's Secret
Ryan's Cindy Song O'Ebon Will

dob: 28.01.1987  Dam: Gipez's Su-Chow

Vanderpool's Houdini The Great

dob: 14.05.1986  Dam: Wee Cinda Ella

Jaar-Den's Sahara Lady V Ryan
Jaar-Den's Sultan V Ryan

dob: 19.12.1985  Dam: China Crest Jasmine Blossom

Dar-Walk Wishie Washie

dob: 25.07.1985  Dam: Wee Cinda Ella

Dar-Walk Georgia Lee
Ryan's Hope

dob: 20.07.1985  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Dar-Walk Swan Song

dob: 28.04.1985  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Dar-Walk Sing Song
Dodd's Dirty Harry
Dickerson's Texas Kid-Mayapan
Jonhenry's Big Red Of Dar-Walk

dob: 30.11.1984  Dam: Gorman's Menina Pequena

Gorman's Hu Man Bean
Gorman's Hairy Husker

dob: 24.12.1983  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Dar-Walk Gypsy Rose Levy

dob: 09.12.1983  Dam: Xcel's Reana Beana

Xcel's Peter Potter

dob: 17.05.1983  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Dar-Walk Yen-Poo Of Gipez
Dar-Walk Fidgett Of Wendav

dob: 14.12.1982  Dam: Gipez's Kung-Chu Of Sun-A-Ra

Ch. Gipez's Sun-Ra

dob: 25.09.1982  Dam: Vance's Dweezle Of Croatoan

Koschei Laotze

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