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Dickerson's Funny Man-Maya

: 06.01.1982
: Chocolate & White
: Hairless
Dick Dickerson (Dickerson, United States)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (6)


Dickerson's Cleopatra Mayapan


Dickerson's Funny Man-Maya
Lillico's Sno Wong Mayapan
Dickerson's Happy Of Mayapan


Mayapan's Opal Van Snowhille

No birth date recorded

Mayapan's Opal van Snowhille

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam:

Zuni Magritte von Snowhille

dob: 02.07.1990  Dam: Xcel's Reana Beana

Xcel's Hadley Bradley

dob: 10.08.1988  Dam: Dickerson See-Blu At Calisa

Benji-Hey Dur With Fur

dob: 02.07.1988  Dam: Xcel's Reana Beana

Xcel's Ali-Oup Sol-Orr
Xcel's Ali-Gator

dob: 03.07.1986  Dam: Xcel's Reana Beana

Xcel's Lady Liberty Of Xanadu
Xcel's Miss Independence
Xcel's Liberty Belle Sol-Orr
Xcel's Torch
Xcel's Starcrest Shanzia Tzu
Xcel's Uncle Sam

dob: 15.11.1985  Dam: Lejo's Halo Of Phaedrian

Lejo's Tan'g Of Dynasty
Lejo's Lotus Flower Of Lin-Song
Lejo's Carolina
Lejo's Redacres Pinky Li
Lejo's Ceilidh Carey
Lejo's Pandora
Lejo's Pegasus

dob: 02.10.1985  Dam: Xcel's Crested Flycatcher

Xcel's Worth Waiting For

dob: 02.10.1985  Dam: Zanzibar's Terraco

Zanzibar's Shadow-Man

dob: 02.08.1985  Dam: Zanzibar's Terraco

Zanzibar's Tiffany
Xcel's Zanzibar Tango
Xcel's Zanzibar Slick
Zanzibar's Amoy Of Xcel's

dob: 05.04.1985  Dam: Mayapan's Opal Van Snowhille

Vonsnowhille's Milly

dob: 04.07.1984  Dam: Mayapan's Opal Van Snowhille

Dodd's Lilly Von Snowhille
Zuni Magritte Von Snowhille
Dodd's Gypsy Rose Lee

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