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Di Gabriellas Enzo

: Hairless
Gabriele Damschen (di Gabriellas , Germany)
Owner unknown.

Siblings (3)

No birth date recorded

Di Gabriellas Editha
Di Gabriellas Enya
Di Gabriellas Enzo

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Heidy Van Jo Van

Holly Van Jo Van

dob: 03.10.1995  Dam: Glory Shan z Vlozu

As-Sim z Helfstyna
Azzaro z Helfstyna
Ao-Ming z Helfstyna
Ai-Lin z Helfstyna
Anselm z Helfstyna

dob: 12.04.1995  Dam: Cou Shi z Vlozu

Cimm Mesicni Jas
Czip Mesicni Jas
Cido Mesicni Jas
Conie Mesicni Jas
Cajus Mesicni Jas

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