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Friaborgs Dartagnan

Reg. no
: S12152/2003
: 20.11.2002
: Blue Sptd
: Hairless
Susanne Hansson (Friaborgs, Sweden)
Owner unknown.

  • ©okänd

Siblings (2)


Friaborgs Dartagnan
Friaborgs Dorothea

Offspring (70) (Descendents)

dob: 20.04.2008  Dam: Belsebubs Yana

Flywheel's James Bond
Flywheel's Iceland
Flywheel's Madame Dust

dob: 12.03.2008  Dam: Pride&glory Ariel

Solen Och Vindarnas Bosse
Solen Och Vindarnas Babsan
Solen Och Vindarnas Bechamel-Brulé

dob: 27.02.2008  Dam: Kedveshazi Jassa

Star Of Diamonds Spike
Star Of Diamonds Soya
Star Of Diamonds Chutney
Star Of Diamonds Mao

dob: 03.08.2007  Dam: Flywheel's Fanny Seat

Flywheel's Melker Loss
Flywheel's Lonesome Laday
Flywheel's Salma Boko
Flywheel's Best Friend

dob: 11.06.2007  Dam: Belsebubs Jun Wei


dob: 20.04.2007  Dam: Artemis

Enhörningens Eurydike
Enhörningens Extasion
Enhörningens Elysion
Enhörningens Elektra
Enhörningens Eos

dob: 04.03.2007  Dam: Belsebubs Hera

Flywheel's No Bad Girl
Flywheel's Amour Ami
Flywheel's Super Light

dob: 25.01.2007  Dam: Kroog's Lady In Red

Flywheel's The Winners Man
Flywheel's Surprice
Flywheel's Chicka Delight
Flywheel's Shangrie Boy
Flywheel's Dottie Girl

dob: 24.11.2006  Dam: Kedveshazi Jassa


dob: 15.07.2006  Dam: Afrodite

Enhörningens Darjeeling Daydream

dob: 14.07.2006  Dam: Kroog's Lady In Red

Flywheel's Brandolina
Flywheel's Tompa
Flywheel's Didi Bellini
Flywheel's Kenzo Frontline
Flywheel's Nevas Isadora

dob: 07.07.2006  Dam: Artemis

Enhörningens Cosy Queen
Enhörningens C'est Si Bon
Enhörningens Come To Me
Enhörningens C'est La Vie
Enhörningens Chop Suey

dob: 04.07.2006  Dam: Flywheel's Merry Me

Flywheel's Super Mario
Flywheel's Run For You
Flywheel's Ilona

dob: 15.04.2006  Dam: Mocci'z Fröken Smörkulla


dob: 10.04.2006  Dam: Flywheel's Fanny Seat

Flywheel's Fancy Trick
Flywheel's Arthur Success
Flywheel's Lobelia Girl
Flywheel's Arthur Success
Flywheel's Lea
Flywheel's Luna

dob: 08.03.2006  Dam: Belsebubs Exie

Belsebubs Enchi Taichi
Belsebubs Ehiro Asia
Belsebubs Frank Jang

dob: 07.02.2006  Dam: Flywheel's Ronja Rövaredotter

Alfastigen Fron Vanilla Twist
Alfastigen Fron Baileys
Alfastigen Fron Kahlua

dob: 02.02.2006  Dam: Pride&glory Ariel

Solen Och Vindarnas Arvid
Solen Och Vindarnas Affe
Solen Och Vindarnas Agnes
Solen Och Vindarnas Albin

dob: 20.01.2006  Dam: Flywheel's Merry Me

Flywheel's Jim Jam
Flywheel's Pikachu
Flywheel's Alfa
Flywheel's Oh So Good
Flywheel's Drisco Accenta

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