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AMCH  ACCCCH  SKCCH  Gingery's Maple Syrup SOD

Reg. no
: TD414026 6-91 (FDS)
: 22.08.1987
: Cream
: Powderpuff
Arlene Butterklee (Gingery, United States)
Arlene Butterklee (Gingery, United States)
  • ©Unknown

  • Westminster 1992

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Multi-National Specialty Winner (1989 & 1990),
Multi-All Breed AKC Best In Show Winner, Sire of distinction, agility dog
Multi-Westminster Best of Breed Winner
First Chinese Crested to win Westminster BOB

Offspring (71) (Descendents)

dob: 27.06.1998  Dam: Gingery's Ivy League

Ch. Gingery's Potato Chip
Ch. Gingery's Parsnip

dob: 26.02.1997  Dam: Gingery's Cinnamon DOM

Ch. Gingery's Masterpiece SOM

dob: 08.06.1996  Dam: Gingery's Sol-Orr Energy

Lukt.Gingery's Victorianlace
Gingery's Phenomenon

dob: 01.04.1995  Dam: Madam Wu's Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon Fools Gold
Snow Dragon Fool ProOf

dob: 04.09.1994  Dam: Przemek Bandola

Ch. Przemek's Banat Of Gingery
Przemek's Bandos of Gingery
Ch. Przemek's Bandama v Gingery
Ch. Przemek's Balalajka V Gingery

dob: 23.07.1993  Dam: Zucci Lady Godiva DOM

Woodlyn Reicrist Tapestree
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Poetree N'Co
Woodlyn Reicrist Sultree
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Chemistree
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Deviltree
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Pagentree
Ch. Woodlyn Reicrist Pastree N'Co SOM

dob: 22.07.1993  Dam: Madam Wu's Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon Cat In The Hat
Snow Dragon Horton Hears Who
Snow Dragon Dr Seuss
Ch. Snow Dragon Cindy Lou Who

dob: 18.05.1993  Dam: Ancha's Sound Of Music

Hi Life's Taco
Ch. Hi Life's Snow Dollar DOM

dob: 17.02.1993  Dam: Gipez's Jeaisha DOD

Lamplighter Grizabella
Lamplighter Jennyanydots
Lamplighter's In The Nude

dob: 04.08.1992  Dam: Gingery's Thunder

Ch. Gingery's Licorice

dob: 01.07.1992  Dam: Gipez's Jeaisha DOD

Lamplighters Mister No'haira
Lamplighters Emmy Lu Hairless
Ch. Lamplighters He's A Wonder
Lamplighters Scarlet No'haira

dob: 14.04.1992  Dam: Staround Josephena DOM

Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Koko Krispie
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Delmanor Pops
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop I WNT My Maypo DOM
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Cookie Crisp
Ch. Woodlyn Moptop Puffed Rice

dob: 08.04.1992  Dam: Gingery's Thunder

Ch. Gingery's Belgian Waffles

dob: 26.11.1990  Dam: Lothlorien Valkyrie DOM

Ch. O-Lans Gingery Desert Wind
Ch. Gingery's Seabreeze Of O-Lan

dob: 31.07.1990  Dam: Ancha's Sound Of Music

Hi-Life's Hot News Flash
Ch. Hi-Life's Die Fledermaus
Madison Avenue Hi-Life
Hi-Life's Daphne Of Pinehaven
Hi-Life's Ghostbuster

dob: 18.07.1990  Dam: Pandora's Kiwi Of Imperial

Imperial's Ilsa Fluff
Ch. Imperial Whisper Of Gingery

dob: 14.06.1990  Dam: Sol-Orr's Chantilly Creme

Iko's Little Joseph Of Gingery

dob: 12.06.1990  Dam: Lothlorien Valkyrie DOM

Ch. Gingery's Crackers Of O-Lan
Ch. O-Lan's Gingery Saspirella
Ch. O-Lan's Spanky V Gingery

dob: 01.02.1990  Dam: Jann's Kriquet Kolada DOM

Gingery's Tropical Fruit
Ch. Gingery's Chargi Of Dynamite
Ch. Gingery's Hot Potato

dob: 27.11.1989  Dam: Lothlorien Valkyrie DOM

O-Lan's Alfalfa V Gingery

dob: 26.11.1989  Dam: Lothlorien Valkyrie DOM

O-Lan's Gingery Sparkler
O-Lan's Joekool Montana

dob: 23.09.1989  Dam: Gingery's Truffles 'N' Cream DOM

Gingery's Entertainer
Gingery's Munchkin Of Bornfree
Ch. Gingery's Cheesecake DOD
Gingery's Serendipity
Gingery's Irish Creme

dob: 06.05.1989  Dam: Ancha's Sound Of Music

Hi-Lifes Satin Sashes
Ch. Hi-Life's Cream Colored Pony

dob: 21.12.1988  Dam: Jann's Kriquet Kolada DOM

Ch. Gingery's Beetle Juice SOM
Ch. Gingery's Dreaman Suzi-Q
Kriquet's Candle In The Wind
Kriquet's Serenade

dob: 22.08.1988  Dam: Gingery's Pandemonium

Ch. Gingery's White Cloud
Gingery Krimson King O Destiny
Ch. Gingery's Calico

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