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AMCH  Ch93Gingery's White Lion Of Oz SOM

Reg. no
: TM882434/03 5-94
: 28.09.1992
: Pink & Slate
: Hairless
Arlene Butterklee (Gingery, United States)
Owner unknown.

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Siblings (2)


Gingery Nocturn Oz
Gingery's White Lion Of Oz SOM

Offspring (32) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Cadaran Picabo Of Jon Six

Terra Haillen O-Nil-G-P

dob:   Dam: Debe's Meiling Of Snowdragon

Debe's Grease Lightening HL

dob:   Dam: Woodlyn Reicrist Chemistree

Gingery's Yes No Maybe So

dob: 02.12.2004  Dam: Stratford's Barely In Time

Ch. Stratford Gingery Viceroy
Stratford's Gingery Liberace

dob: 25.03.2001  Dam: Pahlavi Peanut Brittle

Ch. Ghostmar 'N Grea Rose Sencha

dob: 02.09.2000  Dam: Woodlyn Reicrist Chemistree

Ch. Gingery's Most Valuable Puffy

dob: 22.10.1999  Dam: Woodlyn Moptop Koko Krispie

Ch. Gingery's Eclair

dob: 03.08.1999  Dam: Chargi's Yasmin

Galaxy's Man N The Moon
Galaxy's Lil Dipper Of Lion

dob: 28.06.1999  Dam: Full Circles Feel The Vibes

Curios Hide Your Heart Girls

dob: 18.12.1998  Dam: Gingery's Toasted Almond

Ch. Gingery's Pink Panther
Ch. Gingery's French Vanilla

dob: 01.04.1996  Dam: Snow Dragon Cindy Lou Who

Snow Dragon Kimba Of Oz

dob: 06.06.1995  Dam: Cadaran Picabo Of Jon Six

Trubo's Ecoterra

dob: 24.04.1995  Dam: Jann's Kriquet Kolada DOM

Ch. Gingery's Lost My Marbles
Gingery's Hopscotch

dob: 01.06.1994  Dam: Gipez's Mei-Ling DOM

Gingery's Ruffian
Ch. Gingery's Midnight Madness
Ch. Gingery's Lion King SOM

dob: 02.05.1994  Dam: Jann's Kriquet Kolada DOM

Ch. Gingery's Katydid

dob: 29.03.1994  Dam: O-Lans Gingery Desert Wind

Mariah's Wind Storm

dob: 08.02.1994  Dam: Gingery's Dreaman Suzi-Q

Ch. Victory's Gingery Saltine
Dreaman Kit N Kaboodle
Dreaman King Karate

dob: 02.02.1994  Dam: Gingery's Light Bright

Sunberry's Quibee
Sunberry's Hello Dolly
Sunberry's Mechelle Huff
Sunberry's Hidden Treasure
Sunberry's Alexandria
Ch. Sunberry's Rubix Cube
Ch. Sunberry's Kay Cee

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