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Goldenberry Evian

R & W Meier (Goldenberry, Switzerland)
Owner unknown.

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Vellar Anais

Baihuanchzhou Zhermon
Bayhuachchzou Udif

dob:   Dam: Russia Yuvi Annerose

Ch. Russkiy Samurai Detsl Leo

dob:   Dam: Al Shuala Vellar


dob:   Dam: Baihuanchzhou Zheymo

Ch. Tsvetok Ljubvi Lach Barbariska

dob:   Dam:

Stella RUS

dob:   Sire: Vellar Plus Magdalina


dob: 15.01.2005  Dam: Minni Maus

Atlant Kordiall Arabeska
Atlant Kordiall Aventura

dob: 24.04.2004  Dam: Minni Maus

Atlant Kordiall Yakudza Bi Bi
Atlant Kordiall YAMAHA

dob: 15.05.2003  Dam: ANI iz Slavjanskoi Nadezhdy

Ollada iz Slavjanskoi Nadezhdy

dob: 20.06.2002  Dam: Russia Yuvi Annerose

Ch. Russkiy Samurai Detsl Leo

dob: 10.03.2001  Dam: Olivina Von Shinbashi

Vellar Pljus Leonardo
Vellar Pljus Liberiya
Vellar Pljus Liliana
Vellar Pljus Laura
Vellar Pljus Levon

dob: 23.10.2000  Sire: Vellar Anais

Bayhuachzhou Eugene

dob: 11.11.1998  Dam: Afina Vellar

Russkiy Samurai Evangelista

dob: 24.09.1998  Dam: Vellar Pljus Ariella

Vellar Pljus Vassililsa Prekrasnaja

dob: 06.05.1998  Dam: Ajshanel Vellar

Vellar Pljus Agrippina
Vellar Pljus Ajvari Ledi

dob: 18.02.1998  Dam: Olivina Von Shinbashi

dyoble posted
Ch. Vellar Pljus Ay Kristin
Ch. Vellar Pljus Arsen

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