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GBCH  Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift

Reg. no
: KCSB1341BR
: 28.10.1977
: Grey Black
: Hairless
Foster W. Parker (Heathermount, England)
Owner unknown.
  • ©Unknown

  • ©F. Garwood


4 CC, Reserve in Group på Windsor Championship show in 1982

Siblings (2)


Heathermount Pharoah Of Moonswift

No birth date recorded

Heathermount Provocative

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Heathermount Xotic

Heathermount Uraone

dob: 28.04.1985  Dam: Chinese Rose Of Wobaston

Wobaston Chameleon Lady
Wobaston Wild Ginger Of Moonchimes
Wobaston Painted Lady

dob: 20.12.1984  Dam: Miss Stephanie Of Moonswift

Moonswift Miss Felicity

dob: 15.06.1984  Dam: Nimac Dream

I'm Frisby From Rialo At Kivox
Merryweather Miss Jinks

dob: 29.04.1984  Dam: Winterlea Giselle Of Apocodeodar

Ch. Apocodeodar Gigi

dob: 01.09.1983  Dam: Moonswift Pussy Galore

Our Man Flynt Of Hanover
Moonswift Fire Dragon

dob: 31.08.1983  Dam: Moonswift Pussy Galore

Mayapan Regal Of Rodridge

dob: 29.06.1983  Dam: Cannybuff Christy (1)

Merryweather Mi Dearest

dob: 18.01.1983  Dam: Moonswift Hot Gossip

Moonswift Prancing Pony
Moonswift Hot Potato Of Blandora

dob: 18.12.1982  Dam: Miss Stephanie Of Moonswift

Moonswift Athene Delphi

dob: 03.11.1981  Dam: Moonswift Demelza

Moonswift Miss Dixie

dob: 30.10.1980  Dam: Heathermount Inza

Dia-Dem At Debrita
Moonswift Streaker

dob: 23.02.1980  Dam: Saridak's Julietta

Moonswift Big Daddy
Moonswift Painted Lily

dob: 21.12.1978  Dam: Heathermount Jezebel

Moonswift Miss Bluebell At Superlion

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