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AMCH  It's All Or Nothing N'Co

Reg. no
: AKC TP01592302
: 10.04.2000
: Apricot Sptd
: Hairless
(N'Co, United States)
(N'Co, United States)

  • ©N'CO

Siblings (12)


I Feel Lucky N'co.
It's All Or Nothing N'Co


The Cosmopolitan N'Co


Most Valuable Player N'Co.
The Music Man N'co.
Glitz And Glamour N'Co.


She's Hard To Beat N'Co
In The Spotlight Of N'co., Som
Code Red N'Co
I'm Going Places N'Co


Let's Go Paint The Town N'CO
Colorful Impressions Of N'CO

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 23.05.2006  Sire: De La Mahafu's Royal Blou

Sweet Sensations N'Co.
Ch. Every Little Thing N'Co.

dob: 09.01.2005  Sire: De La Mahafu's Royal Blou

Addicted To Love N'Co
Ch. Dream of Mine at N'Co
Royal Revelation N'Co
Royal Fantasy N'Co

dob: 03.03.2004  Sire: Crestwood Bamboo Bear

Push My Buttons N'CO
Hard Copy N'CO
Ch. Take A Look At Me Now N'co.
Ch. Precious Moments N'Co
You Are My Sunshine N'CO

dob: 04.07.2003  Sire: Crestwood Bamboo Bear

Destiny N'Co

dob: 03.03.2003  Sire: Crestwood Bamboo Bear

Ella Enchanted With N'CO

dob: 18.09.2002  Sire: Glebeheath The Guvnor

Sneak Previews N'CO
The Accelerator N'CO
Cherish The Moments N'Co
Ch. The Natural N'Co

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